A cutting-edge applicant tracking system designed to enable your care practice to manage the sourcing, assessment and hiring of frontline workers and care staff.

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Recruiter Awards 2023 Finalist

We’ve been nominated for another award! Our innovating onboarding functionality has been designed in partnership with our clients and described as a “powerhouse,” by Active Care Group.

We’re proud to say we’re a finalist for The Recruiter Awards 2023 Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year” award!

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Active Care Group is the UK’s pioneering provider of complex care. With over 60 locations and 4000 employees, they’re a huge care operation that implemented our applicant tracking system to support and streamline a robust hiring process.

Just in terms of onboarding and compliance, our record is now just 24 hours to get a candidate through compliance – that’s completing an offer pack, compliance pack and references – it was a lot longer before!”

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We are unique in that we have an in-house talent intelligence unit, a service offered to all of our clients. Our team of experts will offer data-based consultancy that’s specific to your needs.

  • Do you want a complete view and understanding of your recruitment processes? See how we can help.
  • Do you want to make your process more accessible and successful? We know how.
  • Are you looking for data for all areas of your recruitment activity as well as general insights to the job market? We continuously help you improve.

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We’re more than an ATS. With over 20 years’ experience we can see what you need. We know that we are a safe pair of hands that support you in every step of your journey to becoming a talent expert.

All of our clients have a dedicated Continuous Improvement Consultant who will help you improve, get the most out of your system, and offer advice on good practice.

Our implementation process is transparent and simple. Our support team are UK-based so we’ll always be online when you are.

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Care England Silver Partnership logo


Being a partner with Care England signifies our commitment to enhancing the quality and sustainability of adult social care through supporting organisations with fit-for-purpose applicant tracking systems supported by our in-house expertise.

Care England is a registered charity and the leading representative body for small, medium and large adult social care providers in England. The organisation collaboratively works with its members, stakeholders, and the Government to lay the foundations for a sustainable future in adult social care. Their membership encompasses a diverse range of organisations, including single care homes, local groups, national providers, and not-for-profit voluntary organisations. These members offer a variety of services for older people and those with long-term conditions, learning disabilities, or mental health problems.

We're more than just an ATS


Forecasts show that 1.22 million care workers will be required between 2016 and 2036. (The King’s Fund)

The care sector is becoming more and more competitive. We know you’ll be trying to find new ways to attract the perfect applicants, and if your candidate experience isn’t smooth, reliable, and engaging, you might lose out on quality employees.

To solve this problem, our ATS provides a customisable, media-rich careers website and new candidate experience that will enable you to engage people throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Reach candidates where they are, with our Job Board Marketplace which lets you advertise on a huge selection of job boards with no contract! Just pay for what you use.

  • A branded careers site that shows off your best side
  • A smooth, engaging onboarding process in our Welcome Hub
  • Job Board Marketplace to seamlessly advertise on different job boards
  • Dedicated UK support for you and your candidates if they get stuck

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Super-charge your careers website and candidate experience - video overview.


The average time-to-hire is 76 days in care. Let’s beat that together.

Our groundbreaking onboarding module comes with a whole host of tools to easily pull candidates through your recruitment funnel. Our applicant tracking system is easy to use and fully configurable, so you can mould it to fit your process!

  • Automate recruitment workflows
  • Manage jobseekers in just a few clicks
  • Self-service interviewing takes the stress from you and your candidates

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The requirements set out by the CQC are always changing, is your recruitment process keeping up?

Our applicant tracking system allows you to carry out crucially important Right to Work and DBS checking online, directly from within the Jobtrain platform. Our system also captures any employment history gaps – a must-have in the CQC regulations.

  • Take the stress of manual DBS checks out of your recruitment flow
  • Be confident that your Right-to-Work checks are managed thoroughly using a specialist Certified IVT provider
  • Our platform is compliant with Disclosure Scotland’s checks too

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Digital Right-to-Work checks to streamline onboarding - video overview.


Don’t lose new workers to the competition. Engage them with ease.

Out of a survey of 35,000 vacancies, 100% of care roles were to replace staff who are leaving. Candidates who have a poor onboarding experience are more likely to leave in the first year – (Jobtrain’s Talent Intelligence Unit 2023)

You can reduce candidate drop-off with our next-level onboarding and compliance hub! Following an offer, you can see how far a new starter has progressed with compliance checks and references so you can help if they’re struggling.

  • Each onboarding element has its own dashboard for quick insights, a visual view of documentation, and analysis.
  • Take references before an offer is made
  • Candidates can raise real-time queries with the recruitment team via their onboarding portal
  • And when Onboarding and Compliance is complete, they can be introduced to their Welcome Hub to show off your organisation’s culture and get them ready and excited for their new role

Get your candidates excited about you

Onboarding and Compliance technology - video overview.

How to solve the headaches of hiring in Care

Giles was joined by the author of Saving Social Care and CEO of Care Friends, Neil Eastwood and Ursula Jayes, founder of Relish Care Recruitment who has a long and successful track record of building successful teams and working on challenging recruitment campaigns across the care sector.


Together, they covered how to…

  • Solve the challenge of attraction
  • Increase the quality of candidates
  • Boost the retention of your workforce
  • Effectively measure your recruitment strategy’s performance, including the key KPIs you should be tracking
  • Reduce time to hire, reduce drop-out and manage all elements of compliant hiring with ease.