Onboarding new candidates quickly is critical, and our clients tell us our applicant tracking system has an “onboarding powerhouse!”  It has all of the functionality to onboard swiftly and effectively. Reduce candidate drop-off with our state-of-the-art onboarding features!

Offer approval

Our technology removes the need to chase key stakeholders to approve an offer. All the hard work is done for you by packaging up the necessary information to be sent to key stakeholders and approvers and everything is signed off and recorded in the applicant tracking system.

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Reduce candidate drop-off with our onboarding and compliance hub! Following an offer, you can stay on track with how far a new starter has progressed with compliance checks and references so you can identify bottlenecks and step in if they’re struggling.

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  • Each onboarding element has its own dashboard for quick insights, a visual view of documentation, and analysis
  • Take references before an offer is given
  • Start and manage DBS and Right-to-Work checks
  • Candidates can raise real-time queries with the recruitment team via their onboarding portal and dashboard
  • And when Onboarding and Compliance is complete, they can be introduced to their Welcome Hub to show off your organisation’s culture and get them ready and excited for their new role, before they’ve even started

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Integrated compliance checks

Seamless integration of Right-to-Work and DBS checks in our applicant tracking system makes compliance a cinch.

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With these features, organisations can initiate, manage and verify documentation seamlessly within our platform. Recruitment managers can effortlessly navigate the complexities of regulations, saving time and reducing the risk of non-compliance. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both recruiters and candidates, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and candidate experience.

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onboarding WELCOME HUB

After taking up references and onboarding your candidates,  keep them engaged until their first day with our Onboarding Welcome Hub. New hires will be raring to go ahead of their first day. Bringing the perfect candidate onboard quickly has never been easier.

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Do you manage your new starters in a HR system? No problem, once you’ve hired your perfect candidate, you can also transfer new starter details direct to your HR system – all from within Jobtrain. We’re already integrated with most of the major HR software systems and we’re always adding more.

Welcome Hub Green Room overview video. Dedicated to keeping new hires engaged before their first day.

The Firm 2023 Finalist

We were nominated for Supplier Innovation of the Year by leading talent acquisition organisation – The Firm! Our innovative onboarding functionality has been designed in partnership with our clients and described as a “powerhouse” by Active Care Group.