Candidate Relationship Management

What is CRM?

Candidate Relationship Management (or CRM) is the driver for building your brand, attracting and engaging with potential candidates, and securing new hires.

CRM is the bridge between marketing and recruitment – to identify your audience, engage with them and promote your organisation’s brand in a meaningful way.

The key difference between an Applicant Tracking System and CRM is that the ATS manages the recruitment process whilst CRM manages engagement throughout that process. 

Jobtrain is a system that delivers both

Attract candidates with CRM

Career Site and Brand Builder – Jobtrain provides one of the most flexible and intuitive careers site builders available on the market. It’s so easy to use that you can publish a beautifully branded, engaging careers site and candidate portal in minutes.

Landing Page Creatorwith our flexible tool, you can also create and manage landing pages to drive traffic for common roles and different areas of the organisation.

Volume Hirethis feature allows you to capture and manage applications for big campaigns right across multiple locations and business areas with ease. Candidates can indicate preferred specialisms, locations and salary, to enable them to be filtered and categorised quickly.

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Connect with candidates through CRM

Talent networks – capture, manage, and engage with passive talent that might not be ready to apply but are keen to find out more.

Talent pools – never lose your bronze and silver medallists from previous hiring with Jobtrain’s talent pools. A place where you can store, score and engage with those people you know you need to stay in touch with.

Event management – if you hold or attend careers fairs, event management will enable you to capture all your visitors on the day and create campaigns to allow you to track, communicate and engage with potential hires

Smart Search and Match – our unique AI-powered tool will automatically read your job advert, search your database and LinkedIn and match candidates, and rank them for you!

Our powerful search technology will also allow you to create talent pools of potential hires which are constantly updated in real-time as candidates apply for jobs and join your talent network.

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Engage candidates with CRM

Email and SMS – Jobtrain provides highly flexible tools to enable you to create templates, manage 2-way communication via email and text message and manage high-volume communication with ease.

Onboarding – Jobtrain is known to offer one of the most comprehensive onboarding tools of any ATS today. Create contracts, offer letters, online forms, unlimited flexible templates and manage references online with full candidate service (including e-signatures) to allow you to track and have complete visibility of onboarding to reduce your time to hire.

Digital Right to Work and DBS – all within our platform. Jobtrain allows you to request and track DBS and Certified Digital Right to Work checks straight from our solution.

Welcome Hub – the compliance element of onboarding is just one aspect of the process. Our Welcome Hub enables you to build beautiful templates, welcome inform and engage new hires before their first day. Include video content, images, key contacts, information for their first day, links out to pre-employment training and content and more.

Revolutionise your onboarding strategy

Enhanced reporting support

Talk of candidate engagement is all well and good, but how do you know what is working and how well it is performing?  That is where our Talent Intelligence Unit, JobBrain and CandiData features come into play.

In addition to the powerful reporting tools Jobtrain provides, the Talent Intelligence Unit analyses your own processes and wider market recruitment data and metrics in far more detail.

Using TI consultants, coupled with our JobBrain and CandiData platforms, we can work closely with senior stakeholders to define the core objectives of the Talent Acquisition strategy, help benchmark performance and provide insight on progress towards your goals and highlight where you can improve further.

Our TI function delivers market reports on Recruitment and Hiring Trends, as well as Candidate data insights using a sample size of tens of thousands of job seekers.

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