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Talent Pools are a candidate database that contains jobseeker profiles who are actively interested in a job with an organisation or company.

Talent Pools in an applicant tracking system is a great way to encourage existing employees (and external candidates) to register their details so they receive tailored job alerts. These candidates and existing employees are placed in Talent Pools ready to be contacted as soon as a suitable vacancy arises, ensuring you always have a healthy talent pipeline.

Our ATS makes it easy to search for the best talent in your candidate database too. We include a number of methods – whether you’re looking to find a specific candidate by name, search for groups of candidates within 10 miles of your head office, search jobseeker pools, run a keyword search or simply save a search to revisit another time – it’s all available in our ATS.

Unlimited talent pools – save and find great candidates

We give you the tools to create as many Talent Pools as you need, helping you find, keep track, and stay engaged with your candidate database.

When strong candidates are found, being able to save their details for potential roles in the future is key to filling vacancies quickly when they become available. Candidates added to relevant jobseeker pools can be easily located and are ready to be contacted when the time is right. Star ratings can also be added against each candidate in a Talent Pool so, at a glance, you can quickly see who the star candidates are in each pool.

Our clients also find Talent Pools are a fantastic way to stay in touch with their jobseeker database and to keep engagement high. With our full email editor and SMS features, it’s never been easier.

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What is Smart Search & Match?

Smart Search & Match is proven to deliver big savings on advertising and agency spend and improves your pro-active hiring programme. It’s a feature that compliments Talent Pools and provides a unique searching facility which transforms the way you find, identify, and hire skilled candidates not just in our applicant tracking system, but across LinkedIn too.

Within our ATS platform, Smart Search and Match will match candidates to your jobs as you create them, helping you get a head start on your recruitment. Rather than simply searching for keywords in CVs, Smart Search uses the meanings of words and related terms and phrases, which is far more accurate.

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How does Smart Match work?

When a new job is created, our ATS system will automatically run a search (using the job’s details and advert copy) against your database of jobseekers and display those with the skills that match your job – this same search can also be run to search for potential candidates on LinkedIn too.

If Smart Search reveals candidate matches, then they can be assigned to open vacancies or be added to a Talent Pool bank of skilled candidates ready for hiring.

Smart Searches can also be saved as active projects which match every new applicant against your needs, so you can be sure not to miss out on new talent as they apply, even if it’s speculatively or for another vacancy.

This can all be achieved before you even need to think about paying for advertising or using a recruitment agency – see what our client Nobia had to say when they first started using Smart Search & Match.


“We would have instantly saved £5,000 if we had used Smart Technology.”

Nobia’s brand portfolio consists of some twenty kitchen brands including Magnet, Gower Commodore Kitchens and Magnet Contract Kitchen Solutions in the UK. The Group has approximately 6,500 employees and sales of about SEK 12 billion in 2013.

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