ATS Implementation

We have delivered hundreds of successful ATS implementations to a huge variety of organisations. Our team is highly experienced and will guide and support you every step of the way.

The scoping session, led by your dedicated Project Implementation Manager, involves mapping out all your recruitment processes and discussing and agreeing on how Jobtrain should be configured for you and your candidates.

We’ll agree on timescales and provide you with a clear project plan for what we need from you – and by when – and what we will deliver to you and when you can expect it.

We will give you access to an easy-to-follow online workbook, which captures all the information we need to configure and set-up your Jobtrain ATS. Don’t worry, we are on hand to answer any questions, offer guidance, advice and provide examples of best practice.

Using all the information from the workbook, your Project Implementation Manager will configure your platform (about 90% of setting up Jobtrain is configuration, not development). This includes coordinating with our technical team to ensure your branded candidate pages are created and any ATS integrations are set-up (such as Jobtrain talking to your online testing provider or HR system).

We test every ATS implementation thoroughly and we will work with you so you can review our set-up work and test it for yourselves. We’ll make any tweaks and changes necessary before we move on to training.

Typically, we will come onsite with you (or remotely) to conduct training for the HR and Recruitment teams. The training session is led by your Project Implementation Manager, who is highly experienced in training Jobtrain users. We have several training methods for remote staff or for hiring managers and we will discuss the best approach for your organisation early on.

We’re there! The final stage of implementation is making your Jobtrain platform live to candidates. You’ll be able to benefit from cost savings, time saved on the reduction on admin and spending more time on recruitment – you might even be able to reclaim your lost lunch hours too!

UK support and success

We don’t just set up your recruitment software and send you on your way. We strike up a partnership and work closely with you to get the most out of your applicant tracking system.

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Our Continuous Improvement Consultants will use their expertise to help your recruitment funnel go above and beyond. From implementation and setup, through your lifetime with our applicant tracking system, we provide many ways to offer support.

We have HOWard (our in-built chat-bot); we have an online support desk available to you every working day; we have webinars that we host to help improve your knowledge and skills and we also have online guides and resources in case you get stuck.

Dedicated Continuous Improvement Consultants

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve worked hard to develop and deliver solutions that are easy to use. However, we all need help sometimes and when you do, we’re on hand to make sure you’re getting the most out of Jobtrain.

All clients have a dedicated Continuous Improvement Consultant that are dedicated to client success. They share your DNA, having come from corporate recruitment/HR backgrounds, so you can be sure they understand your needs.

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Your Continuous Improvement Consultant will work actively with you to ensure you realise all your goals and objectives from using Jobtrain. They will help you gain the most from your platform and introduce new features and enhancements as they are released. Most clients benefit from regular review meetings, which are included as part of your licence with us.

Talent Insights

We are the first recruitment software provider to have a team dedicated to working with clients to make sense of the wealth of data available to you through Jobtrain.

The information they provide will form the basis of a quarterly report, personalised for your organisation. This will identify trends, highlight performance against your own KPIs and support you with creating reports and dashboards which provide clear actionable insights that you and your leadership teams will find invaluable.

Specialist service to improve your process

Our Talent Intelligence Unit is powered by our data engine, JobBrain™, and includes data from Candidata™, our own candidate data hub. Our specialist service offers audits, consultancy, and analysis to help you gain insights and improve your recruitment and talent acquisition processes.

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