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JTGO is our affordable, out-of-the-box ATS. It’s designed for recruitment teams looking for something simple but smart.


SEE YOUR hiring funnel CLEARLY

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

JTGO offers a streamlined, transparent view of your full recruitment process all in one place! It lets you see where the bottlenecks are and what you need to prioritise. At a glance, see what’s happening to candidates and where they are in your pipeline.

It’s never been more important to have a clear recruitment process. JTGO allows you to fully automate the candidate journey – from application right through to job offer. Assess, communicate, and manage candidates effectively with our suite of tools.

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A dashboard is included that offers a range of easy-to-use reports, showing you:

  • Where your candidates are really coming from
  • Equal Opportunity & Diversity information
  • Interview details
  • Time to hire information
  • Candidate statuses
  • Applications per week
  • Registration methods
  • Bottle-necks in your recruitment process

KNOW how to reach your candidates

Hire more staff

Design media-rich job adverts with ease. Upload a video to entice a candidate from the get-go. Make your text easy-to-read and accessible for candidates. Use images to keep them engaged!

Maintain the human touch throughout the recruitment process with our personalised communications features via email and text message.

Our Starter ATS can even support talent pools and job alerts to keep great candidates in your recruitment eco-system.

Posting your jobs for free on the biggest job boards is just one of our many features included at one cost. Link up your social media for seamless multi-posting, so you can reach candidates where they are, rather than wait for them to come to you.

Start your journey

Reaching a wide network of potential hires is critical to recruiting success. Our attraction suite ensures your jobs reach key, cost-free advertising sources (including social media) and seamless posting and distribution to a huge network of other sources directly from your desktop or phone.

IMPROVE your recruitment process

Your journey to talent expertise starts here

Our suite of assessment tools mean you won’t just hire faster and cheaper, but better too. You’ll be armed with the means to bring in the best talent for your organisation.

JTGO covers every aspect of assessing your potential hires, including Right to Work checking and DBS.

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When shortlisting, you can use the telephone screening forms or the pre-assessment questions in the application form to help identify those candidates closer matched to your needs. Flexible application and assessment form builders enable you to craft tailored forms for every role you hire for.


Everything you need,
without the bits you don’t

This is JTGO - a video overview of key features in the JTGO ATS.



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