JTGO is our simple but smart applicant tracking system. It’s an affordable, out-of-the-box solution designed with smaller organisations in mind. Everything you need, without the stuff you don’t!

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Easy recruitment in 90 seconds

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Here’s a 90-second video that shows you the core features of JTGO. Let’s see if we can fit together.

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Specially designed for SIMPLICITY

  • Are you new to recruitment software?
  • Are you managing recruitment with a small team who have lots of different responsibilities across the business?
  • Are you looking for an applicant tracking system that would help save you time and money but you’re not quite ready for a complex ATS like Jobtrain just yet?

Then our JTGO recruitment system might just be the solution for you.

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Free advertising on job boards

Are you struggling to fill your vacancy? Tired of manually posting details to job boards? Is job advertising a black hole of spending?

Our JTGO recruitment software is your one-stop-shop to getting your job advert out there! It comes with a Job Board Marketplace that lets you post to over 5000 recruiting channels – without leaving the system!

If paid advertising isn’t for you, then you can post directly to many of the UK’s most effective free job boards and social media platforms. With key metrics to monitor the ​effectiveness of each advert source available too, you’ll always know which job boards and social media sites are performing well for you.

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Hire more staff

Maximise candidate engagement and drive volumes of applications! JTGO is designed specifically for growing businesses seeking to revolutionise and streamline their recruitment.

Create job adverts that grab a candidate’s attention with ease. Our simple recruitment tool lets you upload a video to hook a candidate from the get-go, make your text easy-to-read and accessible for candidates, and use high-quality images to keep them engaged!

Attract more talent

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An affordable recruitment tool

JTGO is quick to set up and is ideal for smaller recruitment teams with a simple recruitment process in place. We’re pleased to offer this system at a fixed, affordable price. If you’re not sure if JTGO is right for you, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

You can get ahead of the competition and engage the best talent with our low-cost recruitment tool. This is not a freemium tool so there are no hidden fees! Our applicant tracking system is an out-of-the-box solution, so everything you need will be included. This includes DBS checking, talent pools, and in-depth reporting tools.

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Reduce candidate drop-off

Do you know…
Where applicants find your jobs?
How diverse your jobseekers are?
What your average time-to-hire is?
Where candidates are dropping-off during the recruitment process?

Our JTGO system tracks the candidate journey – from application through to being offered the job – so you know where to spend your money and your time.

This process is fully GDPR compliant – and we are always iterating to future-proof it against changing legislation so you can be confident that your process is safe and secure. Data backups are encrypted using AES256.

Streamline your recruitment

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