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Discover the best applicant tracking systems on the market. The Jobtrain ATS is our groundbreaking solution for complex hiring. JTGO is our simple but smart solution for smaller organisations.

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An award-nominated ATS

We’ve been nominated for another award! Our innovating onboarding functionalist has been designed in partnership with our clients and described as a “powerhouse,” by Active Care Group.

We’re proud to say we’ve been a finalist for The Firm and The Recruiter Awards for Recruitment Innovation.

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Manage your online recruitment

We offer recruitment tools and a partnership. Discover smoother, easier, and quicker hiring, meaning you’ll discover the best talent and handle the whole recruitment and onboarding process without a hitch.

Our ATS covers everything from vacancy approval, job advertising, online applications, application scoring, candidate screening, interview arrangement, offer management, pre-employment checks, and new hire onboarding.

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This is Jobtrain video - a video overview of the key features of Jobtrain.

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Talent Intelligence

We’re a data-driven organisation, and that means we are unique in providing a talent intelligence unit that is offered to all of our clients. We don’t want to just to sell you applicant tracking software, we want to partner with you on your journey to becoming a talent expert. We have 20 years of HR and recruitment expertise, and we’re excited to work with you and improve your hiring process.

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How do I attract more candidates?

Our recruitment software gives you the ability to advertise and post your vacancies to as wide an audience as possible, quickly and effectively.

Start attracting more candidates

You can make sure your job advert looks great and shows off your employer brand by using images and video content, directly from the system. Get in front of your target candidates quickly and advertise on your careers website, your social media sites, recruitment agencies or other external job boards.

See for yourself by booking a demo. We’ll show you how simple it is to create attractive job adverts to post to your own careers websites, multi-post to external job boards and even post to your preferred supplier list of recruitment agencies.

Free advertising on job boards

Cut down on recruitment administration by 50% by posting to job boards and social media straight from our recruitment system. Once your vacancy is created, you can share it to your social media accounts or post to numerous job boards with a click of a button.

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We can also offer a job board multi-posting facility can give you access to over 5000 job boards ​worldwide in just a few simple clicks. With key metrics to monitor the ​effectiveness of each advert source available in our recruitment software, you’ll always know which advert sources are performing well for you.

We have integrated our recruitment software with Vonq, Totaljobs, and with their Reed Apply functionality. This means your candidates can apply for jobs advertised on with a simple one-click process selected social media channels as part of your core solution.​

Automate DBS checks

Compliance checks can be overwhelming during recruitment drives. The manual administration involved with moving candidates through DBS checks can dominate the average day of a hiring manager or talent acquisition co-ordinator, but our applicant tracking system can help.

Reduce recruitment admin by 50%

From our recruitment system, candidates can be registered for new Online Disclosure applications. We integrate with First Advantage – the specialist DBS checking provider. This allows you to carry out crucially important DBS checking online, direct from within the ATS. Our platform is also compliant with Disclosure Scotland’s checks too.

How do I reduce candidate drop-off during onboarding?

When final interviews are complete and you’ve found your perfect candidate, you want to bring them on board as quickly as possible. Our recruitment technology has all the features you need to make this happen.

Start engaging the best talent

Take up references, onboard your candidates and keep them engaged with the platform’s CRM capabilities until their first day. Our Onboarding and Welcome Hub will have your new hires raring to go ahead of their first day. Welcoming the perfect candidate onboard quickly has never been easier.


How do I hire the best talent?

Our ATS offers talent pools and Smart Search and Match technology, so your recruitment funnel can flourish with the best candidates available!

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Search and Match will match candidates to jobs as they are created, by using the job details and advert copy, against your database – the Smart Search technology uses meanings rather than just traditional keywords to intelligently source talent.

Smart Search and Match then displays a list of candidates with the best match to your job. From within the applicant tracking system, the same search can also be run across LinkedIn to identify candidates. All this can be done before even considering paying for advertising or using an agency.

We can integrate with your systems

Is your recruitment process tied to a HRIS? Do you manage your new starters in a HR system? No problem, once you’ve hired your perfect candidate, you can also transfer new starter details direct to your HR system – all from within our recruitment software. We’re already integrated with most of the major HR software systems and we’re always adding more.

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As a company, we have a collaborative and flexible approach to API integration with other platforms. Our top priority is to provide seamless and robust interfaces with your recruitment technology.

How do I generate reports on candidates?

Our applicant tracking software has reporting covered – whether it’s seeing data at a glance, accessing a suite of recruitment reports, creating complex linked reports, drilling through data or having automated reports sent to Management each week.

Learn about our data experts

Time to approve; monitoring the recruitment funnel; which are the most fruitful job advert sources; identifying bottlenecks; and time to hire reports – each are key sets of data that keeps recruitment on a path to success.

That’s why upon logging into our recruiting system, you are greeted with the Insights homepage – a variety of at a glance reports to keep your recruitment focused and on-track. Keep your KPIs in mind through every step of the recruitment process.


UK support for UK business

We don’t just set up your recruitment software and send you on your way. We strike up a partnership and work closely with you to get the most out of your applicant tracking system.

Talk to our experts

Our Continuous Improvement Consultants will use their expertise to help your recruitment funnel go above and beyond. From implementation and setup, through your lifetime with our applicant tracking system, we provide many ways to offer support.

We have HOWard (our in-built chat-bot); we have an online support desk available to you every working day; we have webinars that we host to help improve your knowledge and skills and we also have online guides and resources to support your research.

How can I improve accessibility?

Our recruitment software puts accessibility at the forefront. We have partnered with Recite Me to offer a toolbar that will help neurodivergent candidates with their application.

See our toolbar in action

Last year, we saw mobile applications overtake desktop, so a modern candidate experience needs to be optimised for mobiles. Our mobile interface means candidates can quickly apply for roles with you through a sleek application process.

We also offer JT Mobile – our companion app – as part of our core package! This means your Hiring Managers can recruit on the go.

An ATS system that works your way
automate and streamline your hiring process including:
library_add_check Planning & approvals
send Candidate attraction
meeting_room Interviewing and assessment
recent_actors Candidate engagement
business_center Job offer & on-boarding
analytics Reporting & insights
apps "On the go" mobile web app
accessibility Diversity & Inclusion reporting
chat Online PA chatbot (HOWard)

Discover the best partnerships with Hiring Managers

Forge strong collaboration with Hiring Managers with our free guide. Included in this guide:

  • How to achieve leadership buy-in
    The first step to implementing a change project – secure buy-in and commitment from senior leadership and business critical stakeholders.
  • Help Managers deliver a consistent candidate experience
    Why EVP plays a part in each step of the experience and how to support them in delivering a brilliant experience for candidates.
  • Create a charter for success
    Our advice on creating a clear guide on the end-to-end hiring process that can be shared with your Hiring Managers.
  • And much more!


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