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Created by experts, powered by tech

Recruit creatively

20 years of evolution

We have a message painted on the wall as you enter the office “Don’t just be good – be brilliant”. Innovation is key to the success of what we do. We don’t want to develop shiny technology for the sake of it – we are passionate about developing solutions that deliver unparalleled benefits for our clients.

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Our product and its wealth of functionality and flexibility is the result of 20 years of delivering ATS solutions. The underpinning philosophy behind this is the teamwork and the belief that everyone has a say – ideas are not the preserve of the few. So, no matter whether you are client, hiring manager, or a candidate, all can influence the future of the platform.

Hire flexibly

Created by industry experts

HR and Recruitment is in our DNA, with many of our team having come from a HR or Recruitment background and our founder and CEO, Chris, spent 12 years in an HR career before developing Jobtrain as a business.

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This knowledge means that we develop our Talent Acquisition platform with the users in mind; we understand the challenges recruiters face and deliver solutions to solve these and provide support that is meaningful and informed.

UK support

Behind the tech, we are human

We believe in software AND a service. The people element of our platform is just as important as the product and with over 20 years’ experience of delivering ATS solutions, you will be supported with a vast collective experience every step of the way.

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Our Client Success Team are named that because that is their sole purpose to make sure clients enjoy and realise success from using Jobtrain.
From scoping solutions, implementing them, and training users we work in partnership with our clients to ensure success.

All users from HR, Recruitment, Hiring Managers, Candidates and Agency Suppliers have access to our knowledgeable support team, via phone, online and email. along with access to our extensive online knowledge base including (a first for any ATS), HoWard our virtual chatbot PA. 

 Our dedicated Client Success Consultants focus on ensuring clients achieve their operational and strategic goals with Jobtrain – and our unique Talent Intelligence Unit are on hand to help clients get to grips with their valuable data to produce meaningful reports, and actionable insights from day-to-day operational data to board reporting. 

An ATS system that works your way
automate and streamline your hiring process including:
library_add_check Planning & approvals
send Candidate attraction
meeting_room Interviewing and assessment
recent_actors Candidate engagement
business_center Job offer & on-boarding
analytics Reporting & insights
apps "On the go" mobile web app
accessibility Diversity & Inclusion reporting
chat Online PA chatbot (HOWard)

A seamless, flexible and cutting-edge applicant tracking system

At Jobtrain we pioneered applicant tracking systems in 1999 when online recruitment and recruitment software providers were in their infancy. Our longest current client partnership is still going strong after 19 years, and we continue to be regarded as the UK’s most innovative and client-focused talent acquisition management software provider.

We enable your organisation to manage the sourcing, assessment and hiring of the right people with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. This positive automation of administrative processes in recruitment, frees up your time as recruiters to focus on the all-important element of hiring – people and relationships.  

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Every aspect of activity is managed and facilitated by our seamless ATS. We look after all the technology, security, set-up, training and support. 

Each candidate is welcomed into a specially created portal featuring your brand. We empower your team to engage with talent pools, manage them simply and keep the information flowing with flexible and powerful real-time insights reporting. 

Our applicant tracking system is above all secure and trusted by UK Government, Public Sector and Financial Services organisations. There is no substitute for experience and expertise and our 20+ years has shown that candidates, recruiters and hiring managers all find our solutions intuitive and easy to work with regardless of whether they’re using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Support is on hand whenever required from our UK based offices from a dedicated team of HR & recruitment specialists. 

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ATS software designed and delivered with unrivalled experience and expertise

Our solution’s flexibility means we can fully tailor our ATS / Talent Acquisition Platform for every organisation we work with.  We free recruiters to focus on what really matters: people, skills and opportunities. 

Our innovative and intuitive platform is built on the latest technology and our products conceived by a passionate team with vast experience in HR and corporate recruitment. In addition to our comprehensive support service for all users of our platform, each client has a single point of contact at Jobtrain: a dedicated Client Success Consultant. Each is highly experienced in working with clients to achieve success in their operational and strategic resourcing goals.

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We are the first ATS provider to have created a dedicated Talent Intelligence Unit to work with clients to make sense of the wealth of data available through Jobtrain. This will identify trends, highlight performance against your own KPIs and support you with creating reports and dashboards which provide clear actionable insights that you and your leadership teams will find invaluable.  

Finally, all our solutions are developed, tested, delivered, and managed by a technical team unrivalled in the ATS industry in terms of experience and expertise in delivering recruitment technology. We are dedicated to solving the challenges faced by the modern HR, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition professional with Jobtrain.


Are you a SME, looking to improve and streamline your recruitment?

We have designed a separate platform called JTGO, an applicant tracking system developed with SMEs in mind. So if you’re an organisation with 250 employees or less, take a look at our JTGO platform.

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