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A cutting-edge applicant tracking system & recruitment software for colleges and universities. Upgrade your higher education hiring with sourcing, assessment and hiring of the right people.

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Competition is high to attract and hire the very best teaching staff during the small number of hiring periods each year – and doing that as quickly as possible is crucial. That’s why our ATS, alongside the support we provide to the college and education sector, is second to none.

From advertising your jobs on the most popular and specialist job boards, managing DBS Checks and Onboarding Welcome Hub to keep new hires engaged before their start date – our ATS has you covered!

A seamless, flexible and cutting-edge applicant tracking system

We enable your organisation to manage the sourcing, assessment and hiring of the right people with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. This positive automation of administrative processes in recruitment, frees up your time as recruiters to focus on the all-important element of hiring – people and relationships.

We pioneered applicant tracking systems in 1999 when online recruitment and recruitment software providers were in their infancy. Our longest current client partnership is still going strong after 19 years, and we continue to be regarded as the UK’s most innovative and client-focused talent acquisition management software provider.

We work with a variety of education organisations, from global schools like Nord Anglia Education to universities such as University of London, and colleges like Barking and Dagenham College.

This is Jobtrain - a video overview of key features in the Jobtrain ATS.

Cut your time to hire

Academic hiring is a challenge due to the huge competition for lecturers and teachers – our ATS can help fix that.

Is your time-to-hire around the industry average of of 3 months*? With our ATS, you can cut that in half through effective use of automation that reduces the time spent on administration and labour-intensive tasks that slow down the process.

*JobBrain™ – Talent Acquisition Market Report

Reduce time to hire


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Free advertising on job boards

Posting and advertising jobs can be a time-hungry exercise – not with our ATS! Cut recruitment administration by 50% and post to some of the most popular job boards and social media platforms straight from our recruitment system. When your vacancy is created and approved, you can share it to your organisation’s social media accounts or to job boards with a click of a button.

We also offer a job board multi-posting facility, giving you access to over 5000 job boards ​worldwide in just a few simple clicks. With key metrics to monitor the ​effectiveness of each advert source available in our recruitment software, you’ll always know which advert sources are performing well for you.

Our recruitment software is integrated with VONQ, Totaljobs, and with Reed Apply functionality. This means candidates can apply for jobs advertised on with a simple one-click process.


We’re proud to work with specialist education job boards, like Teacheroo and Teaching Jobs too!

Our integration with Teacheroo ensures you’ll always achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Whether you’re a universirty or college, an automatic feed is created when you advertise your jobs across Teacheroo’s network where applications then return into your Jobtrain ATS.

Online DBS checking

Compliance is a challenge frequently faced across the education sector with the need to carry out lengthy pre-employment checks for each new employee. Often with only set periods during a year where teachers are available and competition for the best talent high, moving quickly and keeping processes simple is critical for success.

We provide integrated DBS solutions in our ATS system to speed up the process, deliver greater visibility and log all the stages in one place. Watch our video below and get in touch for more details about our integrated DBS checking.

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With teacher hiring often completed at set times during the year, the time between when an offer is accepted to when a candidate starts can often be months. So how do you keep those new hires engaged and excited during onboarding before they start? That’s where our Welcome Hub comes into its own.

It provides you with the tools to maintain engagement with new employees before they have even arrived for their first day. Watch the video and see – the possibilities really are endless!

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