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Our webinars feature guests from across the industry to discuss every topic you can imagine – from candidate experience, onboarding, and buying tech to psychological safety. Watch any of our previous sessions and register for upcoming events below – free to all and everyone’s welcome!

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How to Leverage Referrals to Overcome Care Provider Recruitment Challenges

In the Care Sector, attracting and hiring care workers is one of the biggest challenges being faced. This webinar with Natalie Page, Head of HR at Crossroads Care Surrey and Giles Heckstall-Smith, Director of Strategic Development at Jobtrain, explores the effectiveness of leveraging referrals as a solution to address these recruitment hurdles.

By tapping into existing networks and relationships, care providers can expand their talent pool increase candidate quality and even reduce boost retention.
Join us to discover the strategies and benefits of incorporating referrals into your recruitment approach.


Join us for this insightful webinar as we delve into the transformative potential of referrals in addressing care worker recruitment challenges.

We’ll discuss: (click to read more)

  • The main recruitment challenges: We will discuss the acute difficulties care providers face in attracting and hiring care workers.
  • Understanding referral schemes: Exploring the concept of referrals and how they can be implemented and used as a powerful tool in recruitment.
  • The benefits of referral programs: The advantages of implementing referral programs, such as cost-effectiveness, higher quality hires, faster recruitment and improved retention.
  • Building referral networks: Provide insights into establishing and nurturing a network of referrers within and outside your Care business.
    Leveraging social media and technology: The role of social media to maximise reach and of technology platforms and tools in streamlining the hiring process and experience.
  • Creating incentive structures: The various incentive approaches to motivate employees and external stakeholders to participate actively in the referral program.
  • Measuring success: The key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of referral initiatives.
  • Q&A Session: Ask any burning questions around recruitment and retention in the Care Sector.

Unlocking Human Potential: Harnessing AI for Efficient and Empathetic Recruitment in Healthcare

Hosted by Giles Heckstall-Smith (Director of Strategic Development), we were joined by our guest expert, Matt Burney, Senior Strategic Advisor at Indeed.com.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Matt is a well-known figure in the talent space. Over the last seven years, he’s been dedicated to unravelling the crucial roles of AI, data, economics and analytics in the recruiting sphere and is widely considered a subject matter expert.


What you’ll learn:

  • Is AI a threat or an opportunity for today’s recruiters?
  • Demystifying AI in selection
  • How AI can keep people at the heart of the hiring process
  • Practical ways you can use AI to drive efficiencies in your hiring strategy
  • The role of predictive analytics in driving recruitment performance

NHS Blood and Transplant – their recruitment transformation journey

Giles was joined by Ruth Saunders, Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment at NHS Blood and Transplant where they talked about transformational NHS recruitment.

Ruth has over 20 years recruitment leadership experience. She has led recruitment across all specialisms, industries and role types – across volume, niche & Executive roles including Head of Recruitment and Head of Talent Acquisition at FTSE 100 and Global Fortune 500 organisations.


The session covered:

  • How to transform a recruitment administration function to a strategic Talent Acquisition team
  • What does a modern Talent Acquisition team look like and what are the benefits?
  • How to use data effectively to tell a story, create actionable insights and produce a compelling business case for change
  • How to implement KPIs to reduce time to hire and increase recruiting effectiveness
  • How the workforce and market has changed the way we need to approach Healthcare Assistant attraction and recruitment
  • Choosing and implementing the right technology to and its role in underpinning the process and delivering results
  • The importance of crafting a compelling Employer Value Proposition to attract candidates and transform candidate experience

How to deliver the ultimate candidate experience

Today we live in a world of connection, personalisation, clear expectation, and instant fulfilment. There is a constant battle for the visibility and attention of the people we want to connect and engage with.

Watch back this webinar of Giles Heckstall-Smith, Clair Bush (Thrive) and Sophie Manifold (British Red Cross) as they explored best practices for creating a seamless, engaging, and personalised candidate journey that will help you attract and retain top talent.


What was discussed:

This webinar helped identify, understand and improve all the major touchpoints your candidates have with your organisation.

We discussed:

  • The key phases of candidate experience and creating a candidate journey map
  • How to place the candidate’s needs at the heart of your hiring process
  • How to identify, understand, and improve all the major touchpoints your candidates have with your organisation.
  • What is the impact of getting the candidate experience right (and wrong!)
  • How to measure and improve your candidate experience

How to put the human touch back into hiring care workers

Giles was joined by the author of Saving Social Care and CEO of Care Friends, Neil Eastwood and Ursula Jayes, Joint Co-Founder of Relish Care Recruitment who has a long and successful track record of building successful teams and working on challenging recruitment campaigns across the care sector.

We were delighted to also be joined by two care workers who shared their own experiences and why they chose to work in care. If you missed it, you can watch it back – just follow the button below.


We covered:

  • Understanding the psychology and make-up of what draws people to work in Care
  • How to capture the hearts and minds of the people you need to hire
  • How to balance recruitment process automation with consideration and the human touch
  • Candidate experience – how to keep it personal, boost engagement, and reduce drop-off in the hiring process

How to plan and launch a careers website

Your 2023 plans might include launching a new careers website. But there are a lot of steps you should take to ensure it’s a success. Leaders in employer branding and employee engagement, John Tarrant and Fiona Stewart from DNA, joined this webinar.


We discussed:

  • The value and importance of having a careers site and content
  • Planning out a site and the importance of setting goals
  • Fully bespoke careers site and the ATS careers site builder – which is right for you?
  • Content creation – how to create relevant content to engage and inform your audience
  • How to market and promote your new careers site

Inclusive Hiring – the untapped talent pool we should be embracing!

Hosted by Giles Heckstall-Smith, we were joined on this session by Bridge of Hope’s Founder, James Fellowes, and Chance Bleu-Montgomery, Partner Support Manager.


We covered:

  • Why inclusive is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do!
  • Hiring the institutionalised and why we should be rethinking our approach to those with ‘gaps in employment history’
  • The untapped potential and transferable skills of the displaced workforce
  • Sharing real-life examples of inclusive hiring and how you can get started

About Bridge of Hope, James and Chance. 

No child imagines being unemployed – without purpose, income or reason to get up in the morning. But far too many grow up into that reality.

Hundreds of thousands of people are overlooked for employment because of their identity or history. This can be down to age (youth and experience), race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, time out as a parent or carer, service in the military, disability, neurodiversity, previous homelessness, a past history of addiction or mental ill-health, or a criminal record.

These people can bring unparalleled grit and resilience, loyalty, creativity, and employability into the workplace.

Employers are waking up to this and Bridge of Hope is on a mission to kick them out of bed!

James Fellowes – Founder

In 2018 James was made redundant for the fifth time in 8 years. It was then that he had an epiphany: to leave the corporate world to try and change the world! He co-founded Bridge of Hope Careers to create the missing link between ‘untapped talent’ and inclusive employers seeking to expand their talent pool. He’s a proud dad of three, unshakable optimist and an obsessive wild swimmer.

Chance Bleu-Montgomery – Partner Support Manager

Chance has dedicated his life to supporting system impacted people, and those who face barriers to employment. His passion comes from his past experiences of hardship, which is what has made him as resilient as those they support. His job is to support referral partners in their mission to get their talented candidates into meaningful employment.

How to deliver the very best candidate experience and engagement

Giles was joined on this webinar by Hollaroo special guests Hugh Fordham, CEO, and Martyn Redstone, Content & Community Lead.


Watch it back to learn:

  • Why candidate experience more important than ever in the current climate
  • What the most common weak points are and how best to improve them
  • How to capture, communicate, engage, and nurture relationships with potential hires
  • Internal Talent and Alumni – harnessing these groups to raise brand awareness and reach passive talent

How to leverage programmatic job ads to attract more quality candidates

Appcast’s VP of Sales, Robin Stander joined us to discuss how high-volume hiring companies can utilise a range of tactics, including the power of programmatic job advertising, to attract more quality talent and increase ROI.


We covered:

  • How the state of the UK labour market is impacting your ability to attract enough quality candidates
  • What is programmatic advertising, and how does it work?
  • How to drive a consistent flow of quality candidates across all roles

About Robin Stander and Appcast

Robin is hugely experienced in programmatic technologies and pay-for-performance products that help enterprise companies find quality hires, maximise their talent acquisition budgets, and demonstrate clear recruitment ROI. Robin has been driving revenue growth and sales excellence within the TA industry for over 16 years.

Appcast is the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services. With advanced technology, unmatched market data and a team of the industry’s best recruitment marketers, Appcast’s technology and services manage over half a billion pounds in job advertising annually on behalf of more than 1,500 clients.

Remote hiring for a digital world

We were joined by John Mathews from the UK’s leading Digital Right to Work provider, Yoti. He explained the changes now that the new digital Right to Work legislation is in place, and what it means for you.


Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How the new change in legislation impacts hiring and ID verification
  • What are Digital Right to Work checks?
  • What is online certified ID verification and how does it work?
  • How they can provide assurance, compliance and streamline the vetting process
  • John will also run a Q&A to provide answers to all your burning questions

How to secure HR and Talent’s place at the exec table

Giles was joined by Sharon Benson, HR Magazine’s Most Influential Practitioner and Transformation and People Director at Edison Young People.

A specialist in transformation, Sharon has held senior positions leading people and culture change programmes at Sunrise Senior Living UK and Gracewell Healthcare, Studio Retail, Acorn Care and Education, and the Co-operative Group.


In this session, they covered:

  • What makes HR good vs bad? – it’s all about the ingredients and method!
  • The main building blocks of HR
  • HR’s impact on the bottom line and its role as a key value driver for business
  • How to hire, onboard, induct and create clear career pathways for Talent to thrive

Answering your questions on all things EVP & employer brand

Following the success of our webinar with DNA last year, we’ve asked John Tarrant from DNA (Digital Native Advertising) to come back. He’ll answer all of your questions and offer help and guidance on all things EVP and employer branding  – and show you best practice in action and provide hints and tips to help your thinking along with some neat ideas to apply to your business straight away!


The key questions DNA will cover include:

  • “How do I create the business case? How do I sell it in? How do I prove ROI?”
  • “What objectives should I be setting?”
  • “What’s the process; how long does it take?”
  • “How do activate my EVP inside and outside the business?”
  • “How can a smaller organisation tackle activation of their brand in a competitive market?”
  • “If I can’t get an EVP moving, what’s the next best thing to get the results we need and quickly?!”

Where have all the candidates gone?

Giles Heckstall-Smith (Jobtrain) & Andrea Garvey (Talent.com) looked at the possible causes and reasons why it feels like there’s a shortage of candidates and how to fix it. They discussed:

  • Candidate-driven market – they have the luxury of picking their ‘dream job’ over an experience or skills-based job. How to make your job stand out from the rest
  • How to ensure you’re advertising your jobs is the best possible way
  • Application data – what it can tell you and how it can help you find solutions


How Talent Intelligence can give your hiring strategy the edge

Gary Towers (Talent  Intelligence Director) and Giles Heckstall-Smith from Jobtrain discussed:

  • Highlights from the 2022 Recruitment Market Trends Report
  • What is Talent Intelligence (TI) and is it as revolutionary as experts say?
  • How is TI of value to Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?
  • What recruitment data to track and analyse and why?
  • Predictions! What should we expect to see next and what to do about it?


HoW to deliver Diversity and Inclusivity in your recruitment

In this webinar, Giles Heckstall-Smith and Michelle Brown discussed if the amount of diversity we are seeing in the media is mere tokenism or is it going to impact people’s attitudes to diversity and inclusion; if the recruitment industry is doing enough to address diversity and inclusivity; are the organisations who are looking for a diverse workforce addressing the changes required within their culture for this to work; and are the way job ads are written inclusive?


Read more

About Michelle Brown

Michelle is an experienced communications professional having worked in the industry of public relations and social media with a range of sectors since 1997.

TA and Recruitment in 2022 and beyond – insights, challenges and priorities

The FIRM (The Forum for In-house Recruitment Managers) is THE membership organisation for in-house recruiters. With members across 67 countries it is the hub for all practical, tactical and strategic support. Partnership Director, Anna Milbank shared The FIRM’s unique insight and understanding from their membership.


We explored…

  • The top 5 challenges currently facing TA and Recruitment teams
  • Insights – the current trends in TA and Recruitment
  • The priorities and the hot topics in TA and Recruitment for the next 12 months

Read more

This webinar topic continued the theme from a session with Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing Transformation from Thames Water, where in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, we chatted about the state of TA and recruitment then and moving into 2021.

Next level employee engagement – the world of work has changed, and will keep changing, are you ready?

Alongside DNA, a leader in employer branding and employee engagement, we shared insights and best practice client examples to help you thrive in the new world of work.

Organisations need to emerge from COVID fitter and stronger with more agile and resilient workforces who remain engaged and connected, even though they may be remote, hybrid and/or bruised from the experience of the last 18 months. We showed you how…


Read more

We looked at:

  • How you can maintain engagement, connection and belonging in a remote or hybrid world
  • How you can move your culture forwards – and not stand still
  • How to create one team – not silos, ‘us and them’, or hierarchies
  • Attrition is already creeping up in many sectors – we looked at how you can manage and control it
  • How to move your employer brand forwards and deploy it to its best effect

We presented alongside John Tarrant from DNA. Who are they?

DNA help organisations create stronger employer brands and better businesses as a result. Whatever your people agenda objectives, they can help increase the quality of what you do, decrease the costs, prove ROI and ensure a legacy of improvement. Their clients include brands such as boohoo, Pets at Home, Aldermore Bank and Superdry as well as many SMEs on their own engagement journey.

John Tarrant is Managing Partner of DNA, and their experts in employer branding and engagement are happy to share their expertise to help senior HR practitioners on their journey. Prior to DNA, John ran Barkers Group and TMP Worldwide in the UK. Outside of work, he loves his family time, likes to keep fit (or less fat) by taking part in triathlons and eats and drinks an equal amount of the right and wrong things. He’d really like to be able to sing, but can’t. He’d like to be able to dance, but is really not much better at that either.

How to Help your Hiring Managers Live and Breathe Your Employer Brand

Employer Brand and your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is one of the determining elements in the successful recruitment and retention of talent for an organisation.


Read more

This webinar shows you how to bring your Hiring Managers onboard and working in partnership with you:

  1. The key role Hiring Managers have in delivering a consistent and engaging experience for candidates
  2. The best way to explain the importance of EVP & Employer Brand
  3. How to ensure your Hiring Managers communicate your EVP and Employer Brand in the recruitment process
  4. How Hiring Managers can amplify your organisation’s profile and attract new talent.

Paul Ainley from Chatter Communications, an award-winning Employer Brand agency joined us during this session.

Onboarding and Pre-employment Screening in a Remote World

With many of us now working from home, successfully managing pre-employment screening and onboarding in a remote world is critical.


Read more

Alongside our guest expert, Lee Hughes from global identity data intelligence specialists, GBG, we discussed:

  • Pre-employment checks: what’s available and which checks you may want to consider using
  • Remote onboarding and referencing: tips on how to manage this virtually whilst ensuring compliance
  • How Identity verification rules have changed and are evolving as a result of COVID-19

5 Steps To Buying The Right Recruitment Tech

Creed Comms‘ recruitment marketing expert, Dave Walstow, joined our session with his top tips and advice on buying the right recruitment tech for your business.


Read more

  • How to source potential suppliers
  • Getting the most from tech evaluation and product demos
  • How to identify the right supplier for your organisation
  • Asking the right questions to buy with confidence – the devil’s in the detail
  • Our top tips for negotiating the best deal

Safe Spaces: Creating A Culture Of Psychological Safety For Your Teams

Understand how to unlock an organisation’s performance by increasing levels of psychological safety in your culture – watch back this webinar to learn how this can be achieved, even when working remotely. Kate Hargreaves, Founder and Managing Director of Mosaic Partners, a specialist People and Organisational Development Agency was our expert guest.


Read more

They discussed:

  • Psychological safety – what it is, and what it isn’t
  • Provide a self-assessment to rate your team’s levels of psychological safety
  • Generate ideas and good thinking about the ways psychological safety can be increased, with examples.

How to buy a HR System

Emma Perris and Louise Johnston from expert HR system selection consultants, Phase 3 joined our session to help you answer those important questions.


Read more

  • Do I need to change my HR system or stick with it?
  • There’s so much choice. How should I start my search for a new vendor?
  • What are the risks and costs?
  • How to prepare the business case for a new system
  • Preparing your selection process requirements, demos and shortlist
  • The common mistakes in selection and implementation and how to avoid them

How to Transform Your Hiring Using Video

Stephen O’Donnell is the founder of the National Online Recruitment Awards and works with recruitment technology start-ups (including VideoMyJob). He has hosted over 300 online webinars and coaches companies on their video strategies.


Read more

With Stephen’s expertise, we talked about how to transform your hiring using video.

  • How and why the use of video has been catapulted in 2020
  • Bringing workplace stories and job adverts to life with video
  • Using video to enhance communication with candidates and colleagues via email and messaging
  • Conducting video interviews with confidence
  • Understanding the right tools and tech you need to produce professional videos

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for 2021 and Beyond

Learn how to transform your recruitment function from a cost centre to a strategic profit centre. Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing Transformation at Thames Water joined this session and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise from working in Talent Acquisition with many large organisations including Yodel and currently Thames Water.


Read more

They discussed:

  • Where is Talent Acquisition and Recruitment at the moment?
  • The Technology tipping point; is it finally time for automation?
  • The financial challenges facing TA
  • The yellow brick road to profit centre?
  • What is the future of TA/Recruitment?

Talent Referral Programs Reimagined

Where do you place the value of referrals within a Talent Acquisition strategy? We explored this topic with recruitment marketing expert, Dave Walstow from Creed Comms.


Read more

  • The value of referrals as a keystone in talent acquisition strategy
  • Understanding what your employees want from a referral program
  • How to market, launch and deliver your referral scheme to achieve maximum engagement and results
  • Using tech to deliver a new approach to drive engagement, referrals, measurement and rewarding your employees for more than just hires

Creating Talent Tribes and Communities. Time to Build For the Future?

How do you build your own Talent Tribes and communities? Maureen Brown, Founder and MD of Sullivan Brown Resourcing Partners was guest expert. We chatted about creating trusted networks for advice and support, building for the future, and ensuring your recruitment process is still working for you.


Read more

  • The opportunities for Talent Acquisition – why now is the time to grab them!
  • Beyond the noise – looking to the long term
  • Creating your Talent Tribe to build success

Why Your Careers Site and ATS Need To Play Nicely

Does your careers site ‘play nicely’ with your ATS? We talked to Dave Walstow from Creed Comms to provide some practical advice on the importance of consistency of brand, how to create a seamless journey from your careers site to your ATS, and much more.


Read more

They demonstrated how to achieve:

  • Consistency of brand
  • Creating a seamless candidate journey from careers site to ATS
  • The challenge of job adverts vs. descriptions
  • Tracking activity and conversions
  • How to make job searching and display consistent

Diversity and Inclusion

We were joined by Recite Me accessibility expert, Martin Robertson, on this webinar to discuss the how you can make sure your recruitment process is accessible for all. Martin has been helping organisations make their online sites and platforms more inclusive for the last 4 years. If you want to know the difference between online accessibility and online inclusion, he can tell you.

Watch the webinar

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Giles and Martin discussed:

  • The differences between accessibility and inclusion
  • Demystifying and explaining WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and AA compliance
  • Learning and understanding your audience and the options you should make available for diverse groups (e.g. personalisation, colours, fonts and languages)
  • Setting up your ATS to deliver an inclusive candidate experience

How To Swear By Your ATS and Not At It!

Can Talent Acquisition and tech ever be friends? Often, organisations jump straight into a TA tech purchase without fully understanding how the technology fits into and enhances the resourcing strategy. This webinar shows you how technology fits into a Talent Acquisition strategy and how to realise its full potential.

Watch the webinar

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  • Measure the true RoI of recruitment technology
  • Buy the right ATS platform with confidence
  • Set yourself up for success, align with stakeholders and build true partnerships with providers
  • Demystify development, roadmaps and integrations

Delivering a Values-based Hiring Experience

Birmingham Hippodrome is the UK’s most popular single auditorium theatre welcoming, on average, over 500,000 visitors every year. In this session, we looked at how, with Jobtrain, Birmingham Hippodrome deliver a talent acquisition platform that reflects their values in their hiring experience and:

Watch the webinar

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  1. Transforms the candidate experience
  2. Sets the stage for hiring managers
  3. Places the spotlight on insight with meaningful reporting

Spring Clean Your Recruitment Technology

During 2020/21’s periods of ‘business as unusual’, there’s never been a better opportunity to review the tech you have and make sure it’s perfectly set-up and performing for when we do return to business as usual.

Watch the webinar

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Alongside recruitment expert, Nathan Colman, we chatted about:

  • Are there gaps in your knowledge or opportunities for taking advantage of underused features functionality or introducing additional automation?
  • Are you aware of all the latest enhancements and how you could use them?
  • Have your processes changed and does the ATS support those changes?
  • Spring clean, review the scope and set-up of your ATS with your provider

Nathan has led recruitment for some of the UK’s leading providers of education. His passion for candidate experience and recruitment transformation has been a key focus throughout his career.

Training and Upskilling – Mastering Your Technology

You might have the best tech in the world but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s made redundant. We spoke to our own Holly Hall, who implemented, trained and rolled out Jobtrain in her former role at ODEON Cinemas. Holly has some great advice for anyone implementing new technology and how having the right training in place across the business will ensure buy-in from everyone.

Watch the webinar

Delivering a Killer Candidate Experience

In this period of ‘business as unusual’, now is a great time to review your end-to-end candidate journey. Special guest Dave Walstow, recruitment marketing expert and Client Services Director at Creed Comms joined us to discuss some hot topics.

Watch the webinar

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  • Back to basics with your candidate experience – putting it all in place!
  • Preparation for the post Covid-19 world
  • Build your brand experience and reach through referrals

Reporting and Insights – If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

How accurate and relevant is the data in your ATS? Are your reports a true reflection of your key KPI measurements? EMEA Talent Manager for Cielo Talent, Alex Jordan joined us on this webinar. Alex has previously been involved in a range of client side, in-house and agency recruitment roles.

Watch the webinar

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They discussed:

  • What you are currently measuring and what else you could be measuring
  • Efficiency (time and cost) is key to a successful talent function – so are you measuring the right things?
  • “The purpose of education is not knowledge, it is action” (Herbert Spencer) – so what are you actually doing with your information to make improvements?

The Importance of Engagement – People Power and Employee Advocacy

Reaching and building your brand and engagement levels with the groups of talent you might want to hire in the future is critical. Josh Willows, Head of Corporate Sales at Broadbean and the EMEA Lead for Social Referral, brought his expertise to this webinar.

Watch the webinar

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They discussed:

  • How to harness your biggest recruitment marketing asset – your people!
  • Making content sharing easy and creating brand ambassadors
  • Reaching a wide and diverse group of talent using your employees’ social networks
  • How to reward for more than just hires

Advertising On a Budget – Amplifying Your Message

We were joined by programmatic expert, Thomas Prince, Co-founder at Talent Nexus to talk about how to amplify your message to candidates through advertising.

Watch the webinar

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We discussed:

  • Showing you the best ways to advertise job vacancies that engage and stand out from the crowd
  • Free sources and job board aggregators
  • Social sharing and how to harness the power of your employees to reach wide and diverse networks of potential hires
  • Measuring success based on quality