APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM for the financial sector

A cutting-edge applicant tracking system designed for financial services. Assess, source, and hire the right people with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

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An Applicant tracking system designed with you in mind

Our applicant tracking system is specifically designed to help your in-house recruitment team achieve faster, smarter recruitment. Whether you’re a bank or an insurance company, we can configure it to meet your needs during the implementation process. Unlike many other systems, our applicant tracking system is configurable to you and your business needs in order to successfully help you to attract, engage, assess and onboard candidates quickly and more efficiently.


The finance sector might be hiring more than it was last year, but we know how slow the speed of your recruitment process can be compared to your competition. We provide a world-leading applicant tracking solution that is trusted by some of the UK’s key organisations, so you’ll stand out against the competition.

Our ATS system is fast and easy-to-use. With much of our platform being 90% configurable to meet your key needs, your recruitment process won’t just be the same as your competitors – it will be better.

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We can integrate with your systems

Do you manage your new starters in a HR system? No problem, once you’ve hired your perfect candidate, you can also transfer new starter details direct to your HR system – all from within our recruitment software. We’re already integrated with most of the major HR software systems and we’re always adding more.

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As a company, we have a collaborative and flexible approach to API integration with other platforms. Our top priority is to provide seamless and robust interfaces with your recruitment technology.

Save up to 70% on expensive recruitment agencies

Our recruitment software offers talent pools and Smart Search and Match technology, so your recruitment funnel can flourish with the best candidates available, and you can streamline your process to remove expensive recruitment agencies. But don’t worry – if you still want to use agency, we have an agency portal that will simplify the whole process.

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Search and Match will match candidates to jobs as they are created, by using the job details and advert copy, against your database – the Smart Search technology uses meanings rather than just traditional keywords to intelligently source talent.

Smart Search and Match then displays a list of candidates with the best match to your job. From within the applicant tracking system, the same search can also be run across LinkedIn to identify candidates. All this can be done before even considering paying for advertising or using an agency.



We believe in software AND a service. The people element of our platform is just as important as the product and with over 20 years’ experience of delivering ATS solutions, you will be supported with a vast collective experience every step of the way.

Our Continuous Improvement Consultants are on-hand to help you upgrade your process. From scoping solutions, implementing them, and training users, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure success every step of the way.

For more in-depth support, we have a world-leading Talent Intelligence Unit that can train you on advanced reporting, undertake recruitment audits, or offer bespoke consultancy.

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With 16 regional offices from Glasgow to Leeds, 38 partners and over 400 colleagues, Armstrong Watson are focused to provide a truly tailored service and large and experienced enough to work alongside any size of business, delivering a complete remit of services to equal top tier firms.

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What Armstrong Watson said about Jobtrain

How has the implementation of Jobtrain changed things at Armstrong Watson?

“It’s working incredibly well from a Talent Acquisition point of view, it has made the service line more efficient, organised and candidate management is much simpler. It has helped reduce time taken to shortlist as this used to take weeks now it can be done in days. The 5 star ranking has been a very useful feature and is heavily utilised when it comes to shortlisting. Armstrong Watson has also seen a reduction in agency spend. Visibility of candidates and progress throughout the process is great, this is key for Armstrong Watson as it helps speed up the process allowing Talent to easily identify new applications to flag to managers.

The agency portal has been brilliant, it’s a lot easier to track, no more inboxes full of agency CVs and it has removed the bulk of agency disagreements over candidate ownership.

The biggest positive is the increased number of quality applications that have been received since implementing the system. As an example, for the 2020 graduate intake Armstrong Watson progressed 180 candidates to testing stage which was pre Jobtrain. Jobtrain was then used to attract candidates for the 2021 intake and progressed 403 graduates to testing stage. This was due to attracting candidates from more sources via the system due to where Jobtrain posts the roles, smoother, cleaner processes and application content.

The support offered by Jobtrain has been great, any queries or issues have been dealt with very well. The support team are very accessible and responsive.

Armstrong Watson are delighted with the system, it’s working incredibly well and has been a very worthwhile investment.”

Feedback from candidates

Candidate feedback has been positive, especially when referring to the Online Onboarding feature which they find very accessible.”


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