A speedy start is critical when you need to hire quickly. With automated vacancy and job approvals, you’re in control.

What is vacancy approval?

For many companies, vacancies must be approved before being advertised on job boards. This means a recruiter needs to submit a job posting to their manager for approval, and this can be quite an admin-heavy task!

Reduce recruitment administration

That’s why we offer automated vacancy approvals.

Vacancy authorisation made easy

We offer automated vacancy approval processes along with time-stamped logs. This saves everyone time – from Hiring Managers to HR and Recruitment. This makes sure new roles are approved, advertised, and hired without costly delays.

See our recruitment functionality for yourself

Within our applicant tracking system, tailored vacancy authorisation forms are created alongside different approval workflows you might need.

How does vacancy approval work?

Each vacancy approval form (along with optional supporting business case content) are emailed to each approver as an attachment. All an approver needs to do is read the request and feedback their response by clicking ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ within the email. If they wish, they can even add comments too!

Join the future of recruitment

The vacancy approval process is fully automated from beginning to end, and of course, all activity is logged and tracked from within your Jobtrain ATS.


Do you recruit a wide variety of roles? No problem. Different people can also be assigned to approve different roles!

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If your Hiring Managers need to raise new jobs, then that’s all taken care of too. They can have their very own tailored access to Jobtrain if required, where they can raise new jobs and select a relevant approval chain – all directly from our ATS.


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