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What is Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence provides data analysis, talent insights, and recruitment process consultancy to help you manage performance, identify goals and shape strategy.

Insight recruitment with JobBrain™

How can we optimise your recruitment process?

Jobtrain is unique in providing a data engine (JobBrain™), and a talent insights function headed up by our Talent Intelligence Director, Gary Towers. Our goal is to provide Talent Acquisition and HR functions with business intelligence and insights that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Our applicant tracking system processes over 40 million applications a year, from clients that operate in every sector of the economy.

This candidate data provides us with fantastic insights on:

  • Candidate behaviour – what time of day do they view jobs?
  • What devices do they like to apply from?
  • How long does an average application take?

All this and many more revealing trends, insights, and behaviours. The role of Talent Intelligence is to share this with you to help improve your own recruitment activity.

JobBrain TM

Our Services


Upgrade your Candidate Experience

Our audit explores a range of areas and provides you with a detailed report. It includes a variety of talent insights across a variety of sectors, as well as exploring particular areas in your candidate experience. We will also give you a rating along with some recommendations.

Our candidate experience audit covers:

  • Finding your vacancy: how easy was it – and where did we find it?
  • Are your jobs/application processes mobile-friendly?
  • Advert content: are you attracting the right talent?
  • Application process: are you following best practice?
  • After the application process: how do you follow up?
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: is your process accessible?

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Enhance your recruitment process

Often the start point of any exercise is to understand where you are today – and then you can determine what steps you need to take to create a robust KPI recruitment funnel.

Key to this is the undertaking of an audit of your recruitment function.

Working with your recruitment stakeholders, we will use our extensive experience to gather high-level insights into your recruitment process and performance, through interviews and surveys and using benchmarking data. 

Our recommendations will be summarised into an easy-to-read report which contains clear recommendations for improvement. 

This will include an audit of key areas of your recruitment process:

  • Your recruitment policy/strategy
  • Workforce planning/requisition management
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Applicant tracking
  • Selection
  • Offer management
  • Onboarding/induction
  • Management Information/reporting
  • Operational structure


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We know that one size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to data, insights, and reporting. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our Talent Intelligence consultants to discuss your data needs and challenges.

In support of the talent insights we provide, we can also help you in bringing real change and improvements in a practical sense.

Our Talent Intelligence consultants offer bespoke training, help in building reports, developing your own performance metrics, or advice on areas such as efficiency, candidate engagement, or Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

We can back up the data insights by providing more detailed recommendations; provide active guidance on how to achieve agreed improvements and then extend this, if you wish, into partnering with our own experienced project/implementation team.

Our Talent Intelligence Unit has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment, business intelligence, ATS configuration and are qualified in business psychometrics and Six Sigma – so you’re in good hands!


Talent Acquisition Market Report

Data insights for recruitment professionals in 2022

Our specialist Talent Intelligence unit releases a market report bi-annually. Our experts have developed 20 pages of analysis and insights which we hope you’ll find useful in your 2022 strategic planning! Learn about candidate motivations, ED&I data, and more!

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