Our talent intelligence experts will extensively audit your current recruitment process, providing a full report to you with benchmarks, survey results, and recommendations for upgrading.

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What can I expect from my recruitment process audit?

Working with your recruitment stakeholders, we will use our deep and extensive experience to gather high-level insights into your recruitment process and performance, through interviews, surveys and using benchmarking data.

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The audit of your hiring process will result in recommendations summarised into an easy-to-read report which contains clear recommendations for improvement. 

The audit will typically cover areas from:

  • Your recruitment team structure
  • Your policies and strategies relating to recruitment
  • Your metrics for key areas of success
  • Your performance against KPIs
  • Your time flows on key recruitment stages
  • And many more areas

Cost-effective recruitment strategies

Our recruitment process audit will help you plan for the new financial year, with clear recommendations for what areas of your recruitment funnel need improvement, and explanations as to why!

If you’re seeing a lack of candidates applying for your vacancies or a high drop-off rate during the application stage, let our team have a look at what’s going right or wrong, and work with you to fix the problem.

Upgrade your recruitment strategy

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Are you struggling to know where to start with an effective Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy? Our recruitment process audit can help!

We’ll explore everything from unconscious bias, to anonymous application forms, to the accessibility of your recruitment process. Is there any low-hanging fruit you can fix immediately?

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Despite developing our own Applicant Tracking System, our team have experience with a wide variety of platforms. Our recruitment process audit will fairly assess the usage of your current software. You don’t need to be a Jobtrain client to benefit from our service!

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