Video Interview Integration with JobtrainThere are many fantastic video interviewing platforms available today, which enable recruiters and hiring managers to create tailored and engaging interview questions online. Candidates can log on at their convenience and record and complete an online interview from the comfort of their own home.

How does video interviewing work in Jobtrain?

Completed interviews are available to view against candidates’ records in Jobtrain (in real time). These can be reviewed by the hiring company and scores and comments can be added and shared too.

It’s a brilliant way of assessing candidates face to face (albeit virtually) and saves a huge amount of time and money too and removes the barriers when recruiting internationally and across time zones!

Perhaps the best bit is that Jobtrain can integrate seamlessly with video interviewing platforms, so interviews can be created, candidates invited and interviews reviewed and scored directly from Jobtrain.

Already have a preferred video interviewing partner?

Although we have an established integrated solution with Launchpad Recruits, we are very happy to discuss integrating with your preferred platform as well!