Integrating screening questions into the application process saves time for both you and your candidates.

Unlimited killer questions

Using our screening questions functionality can filter out unsuitable candidates at the pre-application stage, ensuring you only focus on those candidates who meet the core requirements for the vacancy.

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Make an unlimited number of killer questions that can simply be yes or no answers for specific requirements relating to the job. Create scored questions in order of importance or multiple-choice questions for a competency-based assessment. With our talent acquisition platform, the choice is yours! Questions can be set-up so candidates are automatically rejected by email if they don’t meet the minimum criteria or a pre-defined score – the emails can also be sent with a time delay too.

Flexible application forms

A fully flexible application form builder is included as standard in our Jobtrain ATS. Tailor each application form and make sure you’re only asking for information that’s relevant to the job being advertised or if the job is for an internal-only post or external.

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Reduce your time-to-hire

Our two-stage application functionality lets you split the application stage in two, making the experience simpler for candidates. Key information is gathered for first stage of shortlisting at the initial application, then should they the second stage application can be released for those candidates you’d like to take forward.

Reduce your time-to-hire

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Isle of Man Government

“We increased candidate satisfaction to 100% using a two-stage application process.”


Our partnership with the Isle of Man Government goes back to 2014. When their existing contract with us for their ATS came up for renewal, the organisation went out to tender for ATS providers to ensure best value for money was being achieved.

Following a formal tender process, in November 2021 we were awarded a 5-year contract to continue to supply the Isle of Man Government’s ATS.

Shortlist as a panel

Panel shortlisting in Jobtrain gives multiple users access to shortlist candidates using the same shortlisting form. It therefore full captures the total or average score (you decide!) given to each applicant. With forms available with free text responses, single choice or multiple-choice responses – the choice is yours how you wish to set them up.

Anonymous and blind shortlisting

For many organisations, equality and diversity is front and centre of mind – and removing unconscious bias is a part of this. As standard, our Jobtrain ATS includes the option for anonymous recruitment as standard. Remove candidate names, education, personal details from application forms for hiring manager shortlisters – it’s up to you. Then later in the process, all can be revealed, such as at the interview stage.

Have candidates upload multiple documents with their application

As standard, candidates can include a separate cover letter with their CV. Or if you need candidates to upload multiple documents, such as education certificates or portfolio work – our system covers this too!

Online Psychometric Testing

Online psychometric and ability testing tools are tried and tested methods of measuring applicants, identifying the strongest candidates, and screening out those that aren’t going to be a fit for roles. Our talent acquisition platform is seamlessly integrated with external (3rd party) testing tools and has been for many years.

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Although we already have integrations with major providers such as SHL, Kenexa, Cut-e, The Test Factory, Thomas International and many more, we are happy to integrate with your preferred provider, providing they have the ability to link in with ATS systems like ours. Our talented technical team will look after everything for you.


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