Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is very much about being pro-active in recruitment activity. In other words, it’s about focusing on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that are challenging to fill. Jobtrain's talent acquisition software allows you to be ahead of the curve.
Some organisations simply need to deliver core, volume skills to the business operation, where others need to focus on identifying specialist talent to drive the business forward. That’s why Jobtrain has built a host of functionality that goes far beyond the usual ATS.

Media Rich Advertising

Candidates are 25% more likely to respond to an advert that has images or video content.

This is often viewed as too difficult or too expensive to achieve – but not with Jobtrain.  We have made this process simple and effective and we can link with your own media library to use the images and content that you may already have within the organisation. Jobtrain’s talent acquisition software helps you stand out from the crowd!

Careers Portal

Attracting candidates is very much a marketing exercise. An opportunity to showcase your organisation; what it is like to work there; what are the people like and what are the values that you share?

At Jobtrain we provide you with the ability to build your own careers site using our easy templates and our own Content Management System. This allows you to add and change pictures, videos and content free of charge and whenever you like – without the need for specialist (and expensive!) third parties.

Smart Search and Match

When there is much talk about Artificial Intelligence in the world of resourcing, we prefer to talk about the use of smart technology. Why? Because we recognise that people are at the heart of recruitment.  We therefore developed our unique smart technology to allow you to search for candidates you already have within your database/talent acquisition pools and automatically match them to vacancies that you have – saving huge amounts of time and cost (in advertising or agency fees) whilst capitalising on your own intellectual property – the people you already know!

But as good as this is – it gets better!  If you cannot find the right person within your own database, then you can search LinkedIn profiles automatically – using our smart match tool and identify people who may have the skills you are looking for.

This is a fantastic, proactive tool that delivers quick results at a fraction of the cost. These are the drivers for the 21st century recruiter.

Green Room On-Boarding

11% of candidates are reported to drop out of the recruitment process after accepting an offer!  This can be hugely costly and disruptive.  That is why we developed our enhanced onboarding facility.  Here you can continue to engage with the candidate, providing them with video content; with information about the company or about their department; sharing LinkedIn profiles with them of people in the team they’ll be joining – essentially building a rapport and a bond with the new member of the team before they walk through the door on day one.

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