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Talent Acquisition Market Report

Our specialist¬†Talent Intelligence unit¬†releases a market report bi-annually. Our experts have developed 20 pages of analysis and insights which we hope you’ll find useful in your 2022 strategic planning!

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  • Reasons for recruiting and applying
  • Candidate success and behaviour
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion statistics – exploring race, sex, and disability
  • What are candidates looking for in a job?
  • Application-To-Hire and Time-To-Hire – broken down by sector
  • Average time it takes to complete an application form – broken down by sector
  • Data informing what makes an effective job advert
  • “Where do candidates come from?”
  • And much more!

Market Salary Report

2021 marked the second of two unprecedented years of economic and social distress as a result of the pandemic.

Download the report

This report includes circa 10,000 randomly sampled vacancies from 12 industry sectors across 4 months that were advertised online via our ATS platform.

In some cases those vacancies specified exact salary figures, some gave a range and some both. These have been homogenised into a single 5-factor taxonomy:

  • Sector (generally a sector of industry)
  • Region (of the UK)
  • Job family (a broad grouping of job type)
  • Job level (entry level or management for example)
  • Salary range (numerical ranges in pounds per annum)

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