Utilising an ATS for growth: Eurostampa UK's approach

Utilising an ATS for growth: Eurostampa UK's approach

Eurostampa is a family-run Italian printing firm for the premium spirits market. In 2011 they broadened their UK presence with the acquisition of Gilmour & Dean in Glasgow. Since then, their UK ambitions for growth have developed. In 2023, they embarked on a journey to revolutionise their recruitment process using our JTGO ATS, transitioning from a cumbersome spreadsheet-based process to a streamlined and efficient hiring and attraction operation.

Here, we chat to Hayley McQueen, Internal Recruiter at Eurostampa UK’s base in Glasgow, about how JTGO – our starter applicant tracking system – is facilitating their UK growth ambitions by addressing recruitment challenges head-on.

The challenge before using an ATS

Before the introduction of JTGO, Eurostampa UK’s recruitment process was heavily reliant on managing it through spreadsheets, leading to significant admin burdens.

Hayley described what it was like pre-JTGO: “Before, our processes were very admin heavy, there were lots of spreadsheets to stay in control of”.

The manual handling of applications, especially from platforms like Indeed, resulted in a deluge of unqualified candidates, complicating the recruitment process further. “With Indeed we could get 60 applications for the one role and only one of those applications was fit for purpose, so quality was becoming an issue” Hayley explained.

The solution

The decision to implement JTGO, Eurostampa UK’s first Applicant Tracking System (ATS), was driven by the need for a streamlined, efficient and user-friendly solution. Hayley highlighted the simplicity and intuitiveness of JTGO were key factors in choosing it: “JTGO stood out for the simplicity and how easily it was explained. It’s so user-friendly!” Hayley explained that she’d used different applicant tracking systems in her previous roles, but for many of her colleagues, JTGO is their first experience and it’s working really well for them.

When the time comes and Eurostampa hits their UK growth targets, Hayley said: “It’s good to know that if we ever need more complexity from an ATS we can explore the options available in JTGO’s partner ATS and enterprise solution, Jobtrain, for a nice, easy transition.”

Implementation and impact

The implementation of JTGO marked a significant turning point for Eurostampa UK. Hayley praised the support received during this phase, saying

“Holly was great! Even if we had any teething issues or needed something explained to us, she was always just a quick email away. It feels like a real partnership. The support from Holly has been amazing. Nothing seems like too much trouble.

It’s not like you’ve just provided a system and then forgotten about us – there’s consistency in our relationship! The support was crucial in ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.”

After implementing JTGO, another notable improvement was the acceleration of the job approval process. “Before JTGO, it could take between 1 and 2 weeks to approve a job and post an advert. Now it’ll just take 1-2 days to get a job approved and live!” Hayley said.

This is yet another time-saving bonus that’s allowed Hayley to spend more time doing what she does best – being a professional recruiter and building relationships with candidates and strategies for ED&I.

The results

The adoption of JTGO has led to a more targeted and efficient recruitment process that’s helped attract a higher calibre candidate. “For each role, we’re getting better quality of candidates that are suited to the role. It means we don’t need to work through lots of candidates that simply aren’t suited. We can spend our time more wisely with the candidates that are suited to the role.” Hayley said.

With everything now in one place rather than spreadsheets saved in different places, Hayley knows others have her back if she’s not around. “If I go on holiday or I’m not available, everyone can see where everything is up to. Candidate records are fully up to date with the latest statuses and history, it’s clear to see what jobs are being advertised where and when, and so much more. It’s great.”

The feedback they’ve had from candidates has been equally as positive too, with many appreciating timely and personalised communication. “Candidates have been praising their experience such as feedback about simple things like receiving a personalised email after they apply” Hayley shared.

What’s next

With Eurostampa’s growth in the UK continuing to evolve since implementing JTGO in November 2023, they’ve been laser-focused on attracting and hiring quality candidates. When recruiting pressures have eased and they’ve relocated to their brand-new site, they’re looking forward to digging into their data to improve time to hire and build on ED&I strategies.


Eurostampa’s partnership with JTGO is transforming their recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective. Hayley summarises the experience as a true partnership, placing an emphasis on the continuous support and user-friendliness of JTGO.

For Eurostampa, JTGO has been more than just a tool; it has been a strategic partner in achieving its recruitment goals, encapsulated in three words:
Efficient User-Friendly – and a Partnership.

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