Start by including images and videos in your job adverts with our media-rich system. The competition for talent is fierce – we’ve all heard about the battle to attract the best candidates, but how can employers find that ‘edge’ over their competitors?

How do you attract more candidates?

Employer brand and EVP plays a huge part here, and that should come across in jobs adverts too – do yours? Job adverts should showcase an organisation’s culture, what it is like to work there, what team will the role be a part of and what are they like. It’s just as important to sell your organisation at this stage to entice the best talent. Can all this be said with only words? Probably not and it certainly won’t excite candidates or help you stand out from competitors.

Reduce agency fees

Quite simply, the more effective your job advertisement is, then the less you’ll spend on recruitment agencies. With our talent acquisition platform, including your own images and videos in job adverts comes as standard and without limits.

3 reasons why images and videos in job adverts are a good thing

  1. Candidates spend more than triple the time on a video job description than reading a text description (OnGig)
  2. 51% of job seekers said they would be more attracted to an advert with images or videos (Social Talent)
  3. Candidates are 25% more likely to respond to an advert with images or video content

Attracting the best talent with engaging rich media job adverts

In our ATS system, in just a few steps, you’ll have added your own unlimited number of images and YouTube videos to the media library, ready to start creating engaging job adverts.

Images and videos in job adverts
What’s provided?
done Unlimited images and YouTube videos
manage_search Controls to manage your own media library
collections Create unlimited numbers of job adverts using bespoke layouts that include your own videos and images


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