Video interviewing enables recruiters to invite candidates to complete a recorded video interview. It’s a brilliant way of assessing candidates face to face (albeit virtually), saves a huge amount of time and money and removes the barriers when recruiting internationally and across time zones. Candidates are given the freedom to complete the video interview at a time to suit them, taking away any admin heavy tasks like booking time in busy diaries for traditional face-to-face interviews.

“Video interviews can reduce time to hire by up to 50%”

Video interviewing has huge benefits for organisations – from improved time to hire, making screening fairer for all to removing any bias (such as location).

All applicants can answer the same pre-recorded questions ensuring recruiters can easily and fairly compare and score interviews. Collaboration is made simple too; when each candidate has completed a video interview, they’re immediately available to view by your team.

Video interviewing is fully integrated with your recruitment processes, allowing you to automate a huge number of tasks to save time and ultimately speed up the process for candidates. Candidates can be scored and assessed in just a click of a button – other recruiters or hiring managers can be invited to assess them too.

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