Online Onboarding candidate experience with JobtrainAbout Jobtrain’s online onboarding feature

Jobtrain’s online onboarding feature enables you to generate contracts, documents and forms (including reference checks) for each role in just a few clicks. It is made available to the new candidate hire to complete online via their secure candidate portal. Everything is tracked in real time, can be followed-up on and completed in a fraction of the time of printing and posting documentation.

How online onboarding works

We set-up all your different contracts and variations in Jobtrain, along with all the various onboarding documentation to be completed and create different sets of documentation for each role type. Yes, we really do the set-up work for you.

Once it’s all set-up, when you come to make a new hire, you select the candidate you want to onboard, enter in the offer details in their new starter form and choose which role they are being hired for. Jobtrain then generates all the documentation online and makes it available to the new hire. A tailored email is automatically sent to the candidate to ask them to login to their profile.

After logging in, the candidate sees the details in an onboarding menu option on their candidate homepage. Here they can view documents, print, accept and also decline their documents. If a candidate declines a document, they are asked to provide reasons why.

All the activity for every hire is clearly displayed on your onboarding dashboard, so you can see exactly where each candidate is up to in real-time.

Hiring really can be that straightforward!