Talent acquisition management that empowers your hiring managers. Simple, flexible access & permissions settings offer tailored access to our talent acquisition system. Stop Hiring Managers from getting bogged down by unnecessary functionality!

JT Mobile app for Hiring Managers - a video overview.

JT Mobile app for Hiring Managers

Available on any smartphone, JT Mobile is smart technology at its most accessible. We know that for many Hiring Managers they’re not always sat at a desk or a PC, that’s why JT Mobile is perfect for those Managers who find logging into an ATS a barrier to doing their job.

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Like opening any other app, JT Mobile gives Hiring Managers the tools to simply review and progress their own jobs, shortlist or reject candidates, or just check the interviews they have coming up. JT Mobile truly switches the light on for Hiring Managers to fully engage with the process and no longer be left in the dark.


We offer automated vacancy approval processes along with time-stamped logs. This saves your Hiring Managers time. This makes sure new roles are approved, advertised, and hired without costly delays.

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If your Hiring Managers need to raise new jobs, then that’s all taken care of too. They can have their very own tailored access to Jobtrain if required, where they can raise new jobs and select a relevant approval chain – all directly from our ATS.

Tailored access to Jobtrain

Throughout the entire talent acquisition platform, the access you give to Hiring Managers is up to you. User permissions put you in control over who should access which features and what data different users should be able to see.

Whether that is Hiring Managers simply reviewing applications and making recommendations on who should be interviewed or rejected, or even completely shielding candidate identities to enable blind shortlisting  – our ATS can be set-up to work for you.

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Our Project Implementation team will take care of all initial set-up for you when they’re building your ATS system and are very experienced to offer advice on how our other clients approach user permissions. Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to make changes too.

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