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“Jobtrain provides an excellent online recruitment system at a reasonable cost (with no hidden extras) with fantastic, continued client support.”

About The Wheatley Group and DGHP

The Wheatley Group is Scotland’s leading housing, care and property management group. They own and maintain more than 93,000 homes across 19 local authorities in Scotland.

Wheatley employs over 2700 people across the region. Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership (before becoming Wheatley) first began using our Jobtrain applicant tracking system back in 2013, continually reporting positive user and applicant feedback.

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Prior to the introduction of Jobtrain in 2013, a lot of time was spent on administering the recruitment process, responding to candidate queries and guiding recruiting managers through the short-listing paperwork required.

With the introduction of our applicant tracking system, the time that HR team needs to spend on recruitment administration has dramatically reduced.

Recruiting managers are able to review candidates directly in Jobtrain, and record their shortlisting evidence on the ATS system.

Their HR team have found that due to the intuitiveness of Jobtrain, they can train a manager to review applications and shortlist in less than 20 minutes.


  • To reduce overall administration costs and time by introducing an automated applicant tracking system.
  • An ATS System that is simple and easy to use for hiring managers, that ensures applicants’ personal details are fully anonymised to those shortlisting, and that shortlist scores and evidence can be easily recorded on the ATS.
  • A candidate website design that is consistent with their employer and corporate branding.
  • An applicant tracking system that allows effective and efficient candidate data capture and information reporting to measure key recruitment metrics such as Equality and Diversity data.

“Jobtrain provides an excellent online recruitment system at a reasonable cost (with no hidden extras) with fantastic, continued client support. The system is extremely user friendly for both DGHP and candidates and the IT department do not need to be involved at all.”


The applicant tracking system

The Wheatley Group’s ATS includes:

Branded candidate sites (for their own employees and for external applicants)

Seamlessly linked from their external corporate website, the separate candidate portals enable Wheatley to advertise all of their live internal and external vacancies to the appropriate audiences. Candidates and employees can review and apply online for live vacancies, register their interest for future opportunities and refer vacancies onto friends and colleagues.

Online shortlisting forms

They use tailored online shortlisting forms to record the shortlisting evidence of two recruitment managers against each candidate. Candidate’s shortlisting scores can be easily compared on screen, ensuring that those candidates who most closely match the core criteria for the job role are progressed to the next stage in the recruitment process – greatly reducing the time spent recording, storing and administering shortlisting paperwork.

Hiring manager access

Every hiring manager has their own access to the ATS system to manage their hiring more effectively, reducing time to hire, improving communication and ensuring consistency. Candidate applications are anonymised for hiring managers, ensuring that shortlisting decisions are based wholly upon the evidence the candidate provides within the application form demonstrating their ability to meet the requirements of the job.

If they ever need support or help with Jobtrain, our comprehensive support service is freely available to hiring managers.

Unlimited and outstanding support

All Wheatley client users have unlimited phone and email access to our support team, alongside their dedicated Continuous Improvement Consultant. For their candidates, we also provide the same access via our phone and email support, should they require help with applications.