UnLtd and Jobtrain – meeting ED&I objectives and improving the candidate experience

UnLtd and Jobtrain – meeting ED&I objectives and improving the candidate experience

We sat down with Serena Kashim, Head of HR at UnLtd to talk about her experience of working in partnership with us and using our Jobtrain platform to manage recruitment and help meet their ED&I goals.


Why did you decide to upgrade your ATS?

The limitations in our previous applicant tracking system were becoming a problem – we were hearing lots of negative feedback from our own employees as well as from candidates. In addition, our goals to improve our Diversity and Inclusion simply could not be supported using our previous ATS.

How would you describe the implementation process?

It was a really positive experience – I can’t fault it. Our implementation Manager, Vicki, was an absolute star!

Vicki’s approach was very methodical and organised. She was communicative throughout, keeping in touch regularly. The online tools Jobtrain use to gather information from us were fantastic and easy to use.

The buy-in internally and externally

For both our own employees and candidates, they feel like the experience is a much more seamless journey.

The support we get from Jobtrain has been really helpful, especially if we have requirements for something that’s not necessarily ‘out-of-the-box’ – the help and advice we’ve received has been fantastic!

What’s the feedback been like from Hiring Managers?

We’ve had positive feedback – they find it intuitive, easy to navigate and use. They’ve been very happy with the process.

We have 20 Hiring Managers (individuals who have people management responsibilities) in the business and when we introduced Jobtrain, it was quite a change for them.

Before Jobtrain, we had ingrained practices and behaviours that wasn’t just limited to the recruitment tech, it was how our Hiring Managers were used to approaching recruitment. So, when we knew we were going to implement Jobtrain, we gradually introduced the idea to them over a period of time – and they were quite excited about it!

As some Hiring Managers might only need to use Jobtrain once a year, we decided to pre-empt some of the challenges we may come up against. So, we commissioned Jobtrain to produce a 15-minute, step-by-step tailored Hiring Manager video guide – which we still promote to this day.

Talk to us about your Equality and Inclusivity goals

ED&I is important to us and at board level too. Before we implemented Jobtrain, we commissioned an external independent equity audit. A component of that work was looking at the existing demographic within the organisation. We also wanted to look at applicant data and the diversity over a set period, but we couldn’t do that with the ATS we had at the time.

We’ve taken a holistic approach to improving the inclusiveness of our recruitment – at all levels – and introducing Jobtrain was one part of that. It’s playing a key role in helping us achieve our commitments to diversity and inclusion and in reaching a wider pool of applicants.

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We also launched an organisation wide KPI to increase our candidate conversion rates in recruitment – and last year, we were able to report on that for the first time using Jobtrain!

The KPI works as we align our staff profile with the London population benchmarks and focus on demographics highlighted in our equity audit – without the data in Jobtrain, we wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Having access to ED&I data through Jobtrain has made a huge impact at UnLtd. When we need to look again at our KPIs, we know that the team at Jobtrain will be there to support and help us with that.

Jobtrain has really delivered against our ED&I expectations – and we started from scratch too!

What’s the candidate experience like?

Candidates say the experience is intuitive. We’ve not seen anybody having issues interacting with the candidate experience or applying for jobs.  I can confidently say we’ve hugely improved the candidate experience since using Jobtrain.

The accessibility toolbar further accentuates and supports our commitment to inclusion. We’re explicit about inclusion in our job adverts and job descriptions and we often hear from candidates that for them that is a signal that their identity would be welcome in our organisation.

You also implemented the use of video applications – what’s your experience been like?

Based on feedback from candidates using our previous ATS, this was a must for us. However, because the application process is so much more intuitive in Jobtrain, we haven’t seen the demand that we initially expected.

We know candidates really appreciate it being an option they can use – it shows that we’re really going the extra mile and it’s been great for our EVP and employer brand.

What are your goals over the next 12 months?

We’ll continue to focus on recruitment data continually aiming to improve how we recruit by learning from the data Jobtrain now gives us. There will be a strong focus on the candidate journey too to ensure it remains accessible for all.

How have you found the Welcome Hub for new hires?

We really like the way it complements our intranet and helps us warm up new joiners. It’s been helpful as a launch pad to sign post people to the new joiner intranet site that they’ll have access to when they join UnLtd.

Can you sum up how you feel about using Jobtrain?

It’s been a very positive experience. I love using Jobtrain!

It’s so easy to navigate and do what you need to do – from posting a job and going through each step, it’s very clear and concise.

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