St James's Hospital

St James's Hospital

St James’s Hospital is Ireland’s largest acute academic teaching hospital and is based in Dublin’s south inner city. Their fundamental purpose is the delivery of health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services at local, regional and national levels. Their academic partner is Trinity College Dublin.

A recruitment revolution with Jobtrain

See what the ATS Project Team at St James’s Hospital said about getting started with Jobtrain!

“In recent months, our ATS Project Team have been collaborating closely with the amazingly talented team at Jobtrain to introduce our brand new Recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Our new system has enabled us to digitise our recruitment processes, and has transformed our candidate experience into a smooth and seamless process. Not only that, our Recruitment Team and Hiring Managers across the hospital are now reaping the benefits of this user-friendly online platform.

A huge thank you to all at Jobtrain for their support throughtout our journey, and for their expertise and knowledge along the way. Finally a massive thank you to our ATS Project Team for all their hard work.”

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