Imrandd - speeding up hiring and saving money

Imrandd - speeding up hiring and saving money

A growing company, IMRANDD is a technology, data intelligence and engineering company, specialising in digital asset management. We sat down with Andrew O’Neill, Head of Business Support, to discuss recruitment and how JTGO has helped them save time and money.

Why did IMRANDD choose JTGO?

We were about to head into a period of growth and, having already identified the need to lower recruitment costs, we wanted to look at what other options we had. We knew we needed a solution that could help us manage quite a high number of new starters over a short period of time.

That’s when my CEO suggested a couple of recruitment software providers – one of them being JTGO – so we had a demo. We liked what it could do and when we learned the total cost per annum of JTGO (£5,000 per year), it was a really good option for us.

How has JTGO helped source candidates?

Imrandd is an integrity management company, which is quite a niche part of engineering and a lot of the roles we recruit for are based in Aberdeen.

Since we started using JTGO, we have seen an increase in the number of candidates who apply directly to us. Previously, these candidates would have come through from other, more expensive sources, like recruitment agencies. JTGO has been particularly useful for us to ‘pool’ candidates, considering that the market we work in is small and often does not have a lot of active candidates.

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Does the location of jobs impact how easy it is to recruit?

Aberdeen has a predominantly energy-focused skillset, so we don’t necessarily have problems recruiting for many of our roles (those candidates with the right skillset are often located in Aberdeen). However, we do try and offer flexible/remote working opportunities for some of our roles, for example we have some people working remotely in London, travelling to Aberdeen when required.

What were your biggest challenges before implementing JTGO and how has JTGO solved them?

One of the biggest challenges was the amount of time spent on the admin associated with recruiting, such as trawling through candidates and reviewing CVs.

We would advertise for a role, then advertise again for a similar role in 6 months’ time. We were finding that we’d quite often get the same applicants applying each time, plus a few new ones. Then we’d need to try and figure out who had previously applied and who hadn’t, which took a long time.

JTGO has helped us solve this. Now, everything is all in one place, like applications and CVs, so we can easily identify which candidates have previously applied (and to which jobs) – and who is a brand-new applicant.

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Managing candidates

It’s also been great to be able to manage applicants through the process and add notes against each record. If candidates have applied again, we can get a really clear understanding of how they might have progressed previously.

We also used to have a manual database of candidates on our SharePoint that sometimes helped us to fill roles. But managing that and making sure candidate information is up to date whilst also ensuring we remained GDPR compliant was just another time hungry task that JTGO has helped us remove.

attractions 1. Better candidate attraction and experience
download_done 2. A simple to use method
bolt 3. A faster recruitment process
pool 4. The ability to do talent pooling

What were IMRANDD’s main objectives when you chose JTGO?

  1. Better candidate attraction and experience
  2. A simple-to-use method
  3. A faster recruitment process
  4. The ability to do talent pooling

These were the four main objectives we had when we started using the platform – and JTGO is meeting them!

We really liked the idea of using talent pools. Because we have undergone a period of high growth, it was reassuring to know that we could assess and interview a number of candidates quickly – and if they weren’t quite right at that time, we could add them to a talent pool for future opportunities.



The candidate portal and the experience for candidates is great. All of our jobs are advertised on a branded portal for candidates to apply online. We were also pleased to implement JTGO (and the candidate portal) at the same time that we launched our new website. It’s helped us create a seamless continuity of our brand from our corporate website through to the candidate portal where our jobs are advertised.

Time-saving – how has JTGO helped?

JTGO has helped massively now that we no longer need to rely on third party providers like recruitment agencies.

Pre-JTGO, the recruitment process would involve a briefing session with an external recruiter, then another meeting internally with stakeholders. From this process, we can now just have a 10-minute catch-up with internal key stakeholders to walk through new applications that have come in. JTGO is saving us a lot of time.

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The speed in which we can advertise is much quicker too. We are always looking for three job roles (Integrity Engineers, Technical Assistants, and Corrosion Engineers) and we’re advertising these roles most of the time. Having those job advert templates set up and ready to go is yet another time saver JTGO has given us – now it just takes a few minutes for us to advertise a new job!

It’s also saved us time when it comes to assessment and interviewing. Along with our Operations Manager and General Manager, we conduct most of the interviews. JTGO has been a huge help for these stakeholders – they’re now able to assess each application and CV in JTGO and screen candidates before they get to the interview stage.

Previously we had to rely on recommendations from external recruiters which sometimes resulted in wasted interview time when we see there’s not a good fit. So, it’s helped us streamline the assessment process too.

What savings have you made since using JTGO?

Just by bringing most of our recruitment in-house and reducing our reliance on recruitment agencies, we’ve made considerable savings.

Since we’ve been using JTGO, we’ve only needed to use an external recruiter once for a finance role. We’ve onboarded at least 3 or 4 hires through JTGO already – for those we would have previously paid around 10% of each new hire’s salary in recruitment fees – so we’re saving a lot!

What 3 words would you use to describe JTGO?

Simple  |  Efficient  |  Direct

About Andrew O’Neill

Andrew is Head of Business Support at IMRANDD. His role spans many responsibilities, including the management of IMRANDD’s resourcing and recruitment.


A growing company, IMRANDD is a technology, data intelligence and engineering company, specialising in digital asset management. They combine technical expertise and tactical implementation to help operators make informed decisions that will increase uptime, improve production and reduce costs across their assets.
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