Benenden Health - taking Onboarding to new heights with Jobtrain

Benenden Health - taking Onboarding to new heights with Jobtrain

When we sat down with Pamela Hemingway and Natalie Maltman from our client, Benenden Health, for one of our regular check-ins, we had to take the opportunity to share their feedback on some new Jobtrain features they recently implemented.

Who is Benenden Health?

Established in 1905, Benenden Health offers a variety of healthcare services to its members. It provides an affordable alternative to private health insurance through a membership model, enabling access to a range of medical, health and wellbeing services.

Jobtrain and Benenden Health

A successful collaboration since 2019, Benenden Health have continuously grown and developed their recruitment strategy and candidate experience since then.

Embracing a new way to Onboard and welcome new hires

In late 2023, they decided to upgrade from our standard Onboarding hub to our more advanced Onboarding and Compliance hub, as well as implementing the Welcome Hub to embrace new hires.

On chatting about the enhanced Onboarding feature, Pamela shared that the improvements and savings they’ve made are huge. The ability to cut out constant individual emails back and forth with newly hired candidates has been a great time saver.

“If something needs changing in the Onboarding of a candidate, then items can simply be reset and started again, saving us time” Pamela said.

Benenden Health- easier onboarding

On the Welcome Hub:

“We have two Welcome Hubs set up currently and the plan is to create more for each department. Word got out about the Welcome Hub around the site too. One of the trainers came to us and wanted to add a section about training in the Welcome Hub. He wrote a piece by himself to add to the Contact Centre Welcome Hub, including content about what to expect when you join, that you’ll be training with him for a few weeks and “hello, this is me and what my role involves”.

Pamela and Natalie’s plans for this year are to create more departmental Welcome Hubs to really individualise it for the different hires they’ll get into different departments.

Pamela said: “Having the Welcome Hub has definitely seen us make big improvements from both our side and for candidates’ experiences too.”

How did they measure the success?

Measuring from the offer stage to the start date, Natalie explained that they took a measure of the time and associated costs before implementing Enhanced Onboarding and Welcome Hub.

She said: “We saw a return on our investment straight away. We then have the evidence to prove its worth. We’ve saved a lot of time using both new features.” For candidates, Natalie said: “It’s saved candidates time too. Rather than it being a 90-minute ordeal, it’s now a quick and easy 35 minutes from start to finish.”

Being financially regulated, Benenden Health must navigate a lot of compliance with new hires. Natalie said, “After sending the onboarding offer link and compliance documents to candidates, we no longer need to email them to see how they’re getting on, it’s all there to track in Jobtrain. If we need to, we can also reset items too – it’s one of our favourite features.”

Pamela said: “The upgrade to Enhanced Onboarding and Welcome Hub has literally paid for itself”.

What feedback have candidates given?

The recruitment team at Benenden Health are delighted with the Onboarding and Welcome Hub – but what about candidates’ feedback? Pamela said:

“We had a senior manager start and he was raving about it. He said it was one of the best Onboarding experiences he’s had. We’ve had plenty of informal feedback too from new hires saying how easy it was and quick to complete.”

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About Enhanced Onboarding & Compliance and Welcome Hub

The Onboarding and Compliance feature in our ATS is designed to streamline the aspects of the onboarding process. It’s an innovative tool that allows new hires to efficiently complete essential steps, including compliance forms and contracts, through a secure platform. It ensures that all regulatory and compliance requirements are met, helping to facilitate a smooth transition for new hires into their roles while maintaining high standards of compliance and governance.

Our Welcome Hub feature offers a personalised and engaging introduction to the company for new starters. It acts as a centralised platform where new employees can access important information about the company’s culture, values and their colleagues, helping them feel connected and informed from the outset. Each Welcome Hub is entirely customisable to include any information that’s required. It helps provide a warm and informative welcome and plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall onboarding experience and improving satisfaction and retention rates among new employees.

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