How Aneurin Leisure is finding the fun in recruitment

How Aneurin Leisure is finding the fun in recruitment

At Jobtrain, we’re committed to revolutionising the hiring process with our recruitment software. One of our clients using our JTGO platform who has experienced this transformation is Aneurin Leisure, a not-for-profit organisation in Blaenau Gwent, Wales. We chatted with Shauni Hoskins, Human Resources Generalist at Aneurin Leisure, to delve deeper into how our JTGO recruitment system has redefined their recruitment and candidate attraction strategies.

The challenges before using Jobtrain’s JTGO ATS

Before partnering with us, Aneurin Leisure faced a myriad of challenges including difficulty in sourcing candidates: “We struggled with both the quality and quantity of applications,” Shauni revealed. “We would only advertise our jobs on the government site and our careers site and it simply wasn’t effective. We weren’t getting the quality or volume of candidates we needed.”

Administrative overload: “We spent such a lot of time on admin tasks. Working with our managers, we had to outline selection criteria and sit down for chunks of time to sift through every single application to see if they met that selection criteria and invite and arrange interviews.”

“It was draining on our resources. We had around 20-25 vacancies at each site and it was overwhelming,” she added.


When asked why they chose JTGO for their recruitment software, Shauni enthusiastically said:

“When we started looking for a recruitment system, JTGO seemed too good to be true! When we saw it in action, we knew it was the one for us.”

Implementation experience

It was very easy to set up our JTGO recruitment system. We had it up and running and ready to go in just two days!” Shauni shared. “I even went in as a candidate and applied for a job, just so I could see what the experience of the system was like for them and if there were any tweaks I could make.”

On always looking for ways to improve, Shauni said: “We’ve made new videos for each of our sports centres which we add to our adverts to help drive excitement and engagement with candidates.”

How Aneurin Leisure transformed their recruitment

Faster recruitment and reduced admin time

“Our recruitment admin time has been halved,” Shauni exclaimed.

“With JTGO, prior to advertising, we set up killer questions which then helps us focus on the best candidates and removes all the sifting.”

JTGO’s killer questions will automatically screen out candidates at the application stage who do not meet the minimum criteria that’s been set. Candidates are politely rejected ensuring they still have a positive experience and leaves recruiters with only the best candidates to focus on.

Shauni explained that JTGO has also expanded their advertising reach, going from just two channels pre-JTGO to a wealth of advertising options in JTGO.

Shauni continued: “Once we’ve shortlisted candidates for interview, we literally just click a button to arrange interviews – it’s saving so much time. Previously, it would take a full day to book interviews. Now, it’s barely an hour and a half!

On making offers to candidates, Shauni added: “We used to have to ask new hires to come in to fill in a starter form. Then they’d have to come back in to bring in their ID documentation too. Whereas now we have an email template set up, with an online form in the email and links to our policies. It’s so much easier.”

Shauni added: “The time we saved has helped us spend more time on building relationships with candidates.”

Improved candidate quality

“The quality of candidates has significantly improved.

They’ve got so much experience they’re almost overqualified!” Shauni noted.

Improving EVP and engagement through videos and images

Engaging and informing candidates is always an important part of setting expectations at application stage and video can play a major role in that.

“Our marketing team has been instrumental in this transformation,” Shauni said. “They’ve put together a one-minute video for each facility and now we can confidently say we’re attracting the best people due to the ability to share these engaging videos with our candidates.”

“We’ve been able to make our job adverts look much more attractive and informative and that’s helped a lot in increasing the quality and volume of candidates too.”

We asked Shauni how they went about getting videos produced and the difference they’re making.

“Our marketing team were updating photographs and videos, so I met with them to ask for simple, short videos so we could showcase our facilities and show what each of them was about. They’ve recently completed them and we’ve added them to the relevant job adverts too. So when candidates go in to apply, they’re well informed and get a really good feel for what they’re applying for.”

Here’s an example of one of those videos:

Fair and equal treatment

Shauni values the fairness that JTGO recruitment software has brought to the recruitment process.

“There’s consistency in how we hire. Everyone gets to experience the same process, complete the same application form for a job – so each candidate is treated equally and fairly.” she stated.

Easy to use and positive feedback from managers

On the ease of use of JTGO, Shauni was glowing with her feedback: “I’m hearing lots of positive feedback from all of the managers, it’s saving them time because they no longer need to block out time to meet with me for hours to sift through CVs and applications.

Managers also used to manually contact all the successful and unsuccessful candidates, whereas now with just a click of a button, I can send personalised rejection emails to all the unsuccessful candidates and it’s done. Managers are really happy with the quality and volume of candidates too because they’ve never seen that before.

They absolutely love it!”

Cost savings and reduced reliance on recruitment agencies

“We’ve reduced our reliance on agencies, especially for lifeguard and swimming instructors” Shauni said.

“Using the talent pool functionality, we can now reach out to a list of qualified casual staff during hiring periods, saving us so much time and money.”

Shauni added: “The time I’ve saved has allowed me to do other parts of my job, like training staff, so we’re more efficient.”

Advice for other organisations thinking of buying recruitment software for the first time

Shauni’s advice is straightforward: “Just do it! You can go out there and look at as many platforms as you want. But if you know what you need, just jump in feet first.”

Exceeding expectations

“It’s been quite rewarding, if I’m honest,” Shauni shared. “Getting all of the lovely feedback about how quick and easy the system makes things has made me quite proud! Our journey with JTGO has been incredibly rewarding.”

Shauni summarised her experience with us in three words: “Fun, Rewarding, and Successful.”

JTGO recruitment system video overview.


We’re thrilled to have made such a positive impact on Aneurin Leisure’s recruitment process and strategy and look forward to our continued partnership.

If you’re facing similar challenges in your recruitment process, why not give our recruitment software a try? We’re here to help, just like we did for Aneurin Leisure.

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About Aneurin Leisure Trust

Aneurin Leisure is a charitable organisation founded in 2014. Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, the trust manages a diverse range of services including sports centres, libraries, park, and learning facilities. Every penny spent at any of their venues is reinvested back into the organisation, ensuring the continual enhancement of community services.

About JTGO

Part of the Jobtrain family, JTGO is a simple and cost-effective applicant tracking system designed for streamlined recruitment processes. Unlike freemium tools, JTGO comes with no hidden fees and provides an out-of-the-box solution that includes everything you need. From DBS checking to talent pools and in-depth reporting tools, JTGO is quick to set up and available at a fixed, affordable price.