Macbook Insights dashboardAs Peter Drucker once said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

So without decent reporting tools, how are you expected to improve?

Time to hire, advert source tracking, equal opportunities and diversity data, applications per week – we could go on!

Jobtrain has your metrics covered

Whether you need to see data at a glance, use our suite of reports, create complex linked reports, drill through the data or have automated reports sent to Management at high noon on the first of each month – we’ve got your metrics covered in Jobtrain!

Follow the links below to learn how our reporting facilities help achieve your management information goals through our reporting suite reporting or the more complex Advanced Insights reporting platform.

Reporting Suitereporting suite Jobtrain ATS

Insights Dashboard

For a quick glance at your bottleneck report, advert source, recruitment funnel and time to approve and hire, our Insights dashboard has you covered delivering immediate, close to hand data on your homepage.

Reporting suite

You’ve glanced over your Insights Dashboard, but you may want to drill down a little further.

Our suite of reports covers a raft of key management information including:

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Time to hire
  • Advert cost analysis
  • Agency analysis
  • Source tracking and many more

All of your reports can be run across lots of variables including time, date, locations, departments, workflow…the list goes on.

For drilled down, detailed management reports, take a look at our Advanced Insights feature.

Advanced Insights Reporting

Advanced insights reporting

Advanced Insights for Management Information Gurus

For the management information guru in you, Advanced Insights delivers an unbelievably powerful, flexible and intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) and report builder.

Advanced Insights lets you create and run reports on almost any field of data in Jobtrain and in any format too. The platform includes some of our reporting suite metrics and we can set up other reports to get you started. As with everything in Jobtrain, we’ll train you fully so you can get the most out of it.

After that, you can amend existing reports and dashboards or create your own – you choose!

  • Configure the layout and orientation of reports in almost any format and use a wide variety of tools such as drill-down, drill-through for complex data analysis
  • Choose from an extensive menu of graphical and table options
  • Schedule reporting to be automatically emailed (or exported) in a wide variety of formats (CSV, Doc, PDF, XLS, Text)

Watch our video introduction to Advanced Insights below

Advanced Insights Dashboard

Time to approve, monitoring your recruitment funnel, advert source, bottleneck and time to hire reports – they’re all key sets of data that keep you on a path to success. That’s why when you log in to Jobtrain, you’ll be greeted by the Insights homepage – a variety of reports to keep your recruitment focused.

You’ll never miss a beat with Insights

The Insights homepage is an immediate snapshot of current recruitment activity and performance.

Dynamic information is displayed detailing the number of jobs, candidates and offers, alongside quick links to onboarding information and much more.

In addition, the insights dashboard uses easy to read graphics to show essential information to help manage your recruitment process. Check it out below:


Read our interview with Cielo’s Alex Jordan on reporting and insights – included are his tips on what you should measure and creating meaningful actions from the data.

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