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Candidates are more likely to share positive application experiences – sharing more than 81% of the time with their ‘inner circles’ via social media about 51% of the time (Talent Board)

Creating a positive candidate experience

Delivering a first-rate candidate experience is a huge tick in the box when it comes to attracting the best talent, and for successful hiring.

We work hard to make sure our talent acquisition system delivers an outstanding candidate experience and is above all mobile friendly. Prospective employees experience an easy to use and engaging process and one that seamlessly matches and adopts your organisation’s brand. It’s candidate management for the modern age.

Responsive, device friendly candidate experiences made for mobile

More and more candidates want to search and apply for vacancies using their mobile phone, tablet, or other device (over 90% of candidates use their mobile devices to look for their dream job – Undercover Recruiter).

That’s why our candidate websites are fully made for mobile, to ensure your adverts (and more) will automatically resize to fit perfectly on the device they’re being read on. There’s no more pinching and zooming with our candidate experiences!

Coupled with the ability for candidates to register using a social media profile and uploading their CV via Dropbox (and more), you can see how easy it is to apply for jobs using any device.

Making recruitment accessible for all

When talent attraction is as competitive as ever, ensuring every candidate can engage easily with your careers content and apply for jobs is crucial. Accessibility for disabled candidates should be an important topic for talent acquisition teams – in the UK alone there is a disability employment gap of 28% (source: UK Parliament). Many people with disabilities face barriers that stop them from entering the workplace, but if the attraction and application experience is an accessible one, recruiters can tap into this huge pool of talent.

With our Accessibility Toolkit for your candidate portal, you’ll be opening access to an even broader range of potential hires. Amongst an array of features, the Accessibility Toolkit allows candidates to adjust font size, the contrast on the screen for the partially sighted, change the language or run the screen reader to read aloud website content.

The stats speak for themselves. In the UK alone:

  • 1.5 million people have a learning disability
  • 19% of working age adults are disabled
  • 4.2 million people in the UK have English as a second language
  • 10% of the population is dyslexic

Mobile recruiting for hiring managers

Many hiring managers do not sit by a PC and may find logging into recruitment systems a barrier to doing their job.

With JT Mobile, it is just like opening any other App on their phone. From here they can review and progress on their own jobs; shortlist or reject candidates; or maybe just check their interviews – JT Mobile allows managers to fully engage with the process and not be left in the dark.


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