The Royal Parks Assessment Forms candidate experienceFlexible forms for online applications and much more

We are all about candidate experience at Jobtrain. We have designed and developed flexible features to create candidate friendly online application and assessment forms, making them relevant for the roles being recruited for and the candidates applying for them. Any number of different application form templates can be created and can be as long or short as you need.

Add screening questions to application forms

Create different screening questions (sometimes called ‘killer questions’) or scored forms to help quickly identify the most relevant and strongest candidates.

Jobtrain also allows internal and external candidates to complete different application and screening forms, making the candidate experience much more relevant.

Creating a profile and applying using social media

Candidates can choose to register and apply for vacancies by creating a profile using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account, to save candidates’ time and to make creating a profile and applying a lot easier. When they revisit the candidate portal, they are able to simply log in using the relevant profile. No more usernames and passwords to remember!

For candidates with a LinkedIn profile, Jobtrain can extract their education and work history and populate their application form for them. For those that don’t have a social profile that they want to use, we have our CV Parsing feature that will read the candidate’s CV and auto-complete their application form with this information in just the same way.

All designed to make your candidates’ application process as smooth as possible.