David Ross Education Trust candidate experience

Seamless, branded experience for your candidates

Your employer brand is really important to you – and us. That’s why, with Jobtrain, our clients have branded careers and candidate portals (for both external and internal candidates), making the transition from your own website to your Jobtrain careers website a seamless one.

Simple, mobile-friendly experience for candidates

Did you know that talent is 4 times more likely to consider your company for a future opportunity when they’re offered constructive feedback?

A great candidate experience is a huge tick in the box when it comes to attracting talent and successful hiring. We work really hard to make sure the Jobtrain candidate experience is above all mobile friendly. Candidates experience a simple and engaging process that seamlessly matches and adopts your organisation’s brand.

It’s candidate management for the modern age.

The benefits of a great candidate experience

Did you know candidates are more likely to share their positive experiences – sharing more than 81% of the time with their “inner circles” via social media about 51% of the time? (Talent Board)

With Jobtrain, candidates can search and share your jobs with our flexible searching and sharing options; use their social media profile to apply and also create job alerts – all using their mobile phone.

Jobtrain puts your candidates’ experience in your hands.

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