Create a better candidate experience with Jobtrain

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Seamless, branded experience for your candidates

Your employer brand is really important to you – and us. That’s why, with Jobtrain, our clients have branded careers and candidate portals (for both external and internal candidates), making the transition from your own website to your Jobtrain careers website a seamless one.

Simple, mobile-friendly experience for candidates

Did you know that talent is 4 times more likely to consider your company for a future opportunity when they’re offered constructive feedback?

A great candidate experience is a huge tick in the box when it comes to attracting talent and successful hiring. We work really hard to make sure the Jobtrain candidate experience is above all mobile friendly. Candidates experience a simple and engaging process that seamlessly matches and adopts your organisation’s brand.

It’s candidate management for the modern age.

The benefits of a great candidate experience

Did you know candidates are more likely to share their positive experiences – sharing more than 81% of the time with their “inner circles” via social media about 51% of the time? (Talent Board)

With Jobtrain, candidates can search and share your jobs with our flexible searching and sharing options; use their social media profile to apply and also create job alerts – all using their mobile phone.

Jobtrain puts your candidates’ experience in your hands.

For more information on the different areas of the Jobtrain candidate experience, please follow the links below.

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Branded candidate experience for external and internal candidates

A great candidate experience is vital to successful hiring and that’s why we work so hard to ensure the Jobtrain candidate experience is simple, engaging and seamlessly matches and adopts your company brand.

University of Manchester internal talent portal

A secure, seamless and intuitive candidate experience

Linking directly from your own corporate or careers website, Jobtrain provides a branded secure, seamless and intuitive jobs portal featuring job search, job listings, job alerts and of course online applications.

Internal jobs portal for your existing employees

A separate and branded (branding can be different from your main site branding if you’d prefer) secure website for your existing employees is also available. The jobs portal can be set up to link directly from your company intranet to display both your internal and external vacancies and enables your employees to create their own job alerts too.

Looking for more information?

Why not check out our webinar on HoW Talent Session – delivering a killer candidate experience. You’ll find helpful tips and advice in our webinars sections along with much more in our Info Hub.

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Manage your Careers Website with Jobtrain


Your careers website is the shop window to the browsing and busy shoppers (candidates) looking at what to buy (researching a company to work for). Getting the content right and importantly making sure it stays fresh and relevant is really important.

Seamlessly integrated into the Jobtrain applicant tracking system is a simple to use, mobile friendly careers website builder that gives you the power to add, amend or remove content so it always remains fresh and engaging to your candidate audience.

The benefits of using Jobtrain’s integrated Careers website:

  • Entice talent with up to 10 pages of fully bespoke content
  • Paint a picture of your organisation. Use your own library of images, videos and text to create beautiful, on-brand content
  • Drive mobile traffic with our mobile responsive templates (33% of millennials want to browse and apply for jobs using their mobile phones – Jobvite)
  • Remove the time and expense of using a creative agency
  • Be more tactical – manage your own content quickly and easily

Top 6 reasons why you should actively manage your Careers website:

  1. 69% of candidates are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand. (2016 Glassdoor survey)
  2. Let candidates know about the benefits and perks of working at your organisation
  3. Demonstrate to potential hires the different departments they could work in
  4. Employee reviews are critical. Candidates reportedly read approximately 7 company reviews when considering applying for a job (Glassdoor). Share what your employees say about working within your organisation through quotes and video
  5. Show off the company culture and values with videos and images to help candidates understand how they would fit in
  6. “Why work at” pages are great places to sell your organisation to candidates


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If you’re already a Jobtrain client, please contact your Jobtrain Client Success Manager.

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Searching for jobs

We make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find your jobs and then apply for them!

Simple job search feature for candidates

Searching, finding and applying for your jobs in Jobtrain is really simple and easy for your visitors and prospective candidates.

From the beginning of our partnerships with all of our clients, we hold a scoping and implementation meeting where we sit down and agree the very best way for candidates to find your jobs.

Jobtrain clients have an array of search options to choose from – including setting search criteria such as location (including postcode), job type, salary and keywords.
YBS careers search feature for candidates

It’s good to share (your jobs)

Not every visitor to your careers website will find their perfect job but they might just know people who will be a match. Jobtrain makes it easy for your jobs to be shared.

Social media icons - sharing jobs

With Jobtrain, each job advert on your website includes easy-to-use, clear share links. So even if a job advert isn’t the right match for the person viewing it, they can very easily share it with the people they know that might be.

The number of channels candidates can use to share your jobs is endless. From email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger…the list goes on!

Online applications and social media apply

Applying for a new job should be an exciting process, not a frustrating one. At Jobtrain, we deliver online application solutions that are relevant and seamless for candidates who could be your future hires.

The Royal Parks Assessment Forms candidate experienceFlexible forms for online applications and much more

We are all about candidate experience at Jobtrain. We have designed and developed flexible features to create candidate friendly online application and assessment forms, making them relevant for the roles being recruited for and the candidates applying for them. Any number of different application form templates can be created and can be as long or short as you need.

Add screening questions to application forms

Create different screening questions (sometimes called ‘killer questions’) or scored forms to help quickly identify the most relevant and strongest candidates.

Jobtrain also allows internal and external candidates to complete different application and screening forms, making the candidate experience much more relevant.

Creating a profile and applying using social media

Candidates can choose to register and apply for vacancies by creating a profile using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account, to save candidates’ time and to make creating a profile and applying a lot easier. When they revisit the candidate portal, they are able to simply log in using the relevant profile. No more usernames and passwords to remember!

For candidates with a LinkedIn profile, Jobtrain can extract their education and work history and populate their application form for them. For those that don’t have a social profile that they want to use, we have our CV Parsing feature that will read the candidate’s CV and auto-complete their application form with this information in just the same way.

All designed to make your candidates’ application process as smooth as possible.

Made for mobile

We are all going mobile (and that includes your candidates) and Jobtrain’s made for smartphones and tablets too!

Paul Smith candidate side examples - website

Responsive, device friendly designs made for mobile, tablets and more

More and more candidates want to register and apply for vacancies using their smartphone, tablet or other device. That’s why all of Jobtrain’s candidate websites are fully mobile “responsive” to ensure your adverts (and more!) will automatically resize to fit beautifully on the device they’re being read on. There’s no need for pinching and zooming with Jobtrain’s candidate websites!

Couple that with the ability to register with a social media profile and you can see how easy it is for candidates to apply for jobs using any device.

Job Alerts

Job alerts let your candidates tell you which jobs they’d like to find out about – then Jobtrain automatically lets them know when you add a job that will excite and interest them.

Mirus Wales job alerts candidate experience

Our job alerts feature lets your candidates specify the criteria and types of jobs they’re interested in and would like to find out about, as and when they are live opportunities. When a job is made live that matches candidates’ criteria, Jobtrain automatically notifies them.

Any number of job alerts can be created by both internal and external candidates. Candidates set up job alerts against defined criteria that are chosen by you, such as preferred job location, job type, salary etc. They manage their own job alerts with the ability to change them at any time, all from within their own secure candidate profile.

Each time you create a new job, Jobtrain checks for candidates with matching job alerts and sends a personalised email to let them know.

Job alerts pool

If you want to stay one step ahead of the game, you can even search the job alert pool and contact potential candidates by email or text message.