Tailored access for hiring managers

Jobtrain Mobile

Within Jobtrain is a really flexible user profile builder, which allows you decide the features, functionality and information your hiring managers should have access to – delivering a tailored user view for them, which is easy to use.

You may want your hiring managers to create and initiate vacancy authorisation requests; to review long-lists of candidates you make available to them; to add scores and comments and even submit offer approvals. All of this can be done by hiring managers in Jobtrain.

Some of our clients’ hiring managers take complete ownership of the management of their recruitment. Some prefer more restricted access and even blind shortlisting with candidates’ names removed from shortlists. All of this can be accommodated by Jobtrain.

Jobtrain Mobile

Jobtrain Mobile is available on any smartphone (Android, Apple or Microsoft), this is smart technology at its most accessible. Many hiring managers do not sit by a PC and may find logging into recruitment systems a barrier to doing their job.

From here they can review and progress on their own jobs, shortlist or reject candidates, or maybe just check their interviews – Jobtrain Mobile allows managers to fully engage with the process and not be left in the dark.

Included training and support

When it comes to training, we have a variety of options available and we will discuss and agree on what suits you best. We have online training videos for example, which have proven to be very effective.

Just like HR, recruiters and candidates all hiring managers have access to our comprehensive phone and email support and online help guides too.