Isle of Man Jobs application formApplication form sections

Choose which application form sections you’d like to include and what each section should be called using Jobtrain’s application form builder.

Decide exactly which questions you’d like to ask and what fields of information should be captured within each section – and whether questions and fields should be mandatory for candidates.

Want specific types of fields such as Yes / No drop-down menus or multiple choice? No problem. Jobtrain allows you to create custom fields wherever you need them.

Different application forms for different applicants

Choose a different application form template for external, internal and agency candidates if you like. After all, you don’t need to ask your employees where they currently work.

Jobtrain can even offer a two-stage application process

Jobtrain also includes a two-stage application process for your candidates. A two-stage application process allows key information to be gathered quickly from candidates in two stages rather than completing just one lengthy application form.

This allows you to gather just the information you need at the first stage and at the same time greatly improve the time to apply and the overall experience for your candidates.

“We increased candidate satisfaction to 95% using a two-stage application process”

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Candidates can upload multiple documents with their application too

Allow candidates to upload a separate CV and cover letter with their application as standard with Jobtrain. And for a small fee, allow candidates to upload multiple documents like education certificates, portfolio work – whatever it is that you deem as valuable information to capture.