With Jobtrain, scoring and screening candidates has never been easier.

Identify star applicants quickly and easily, screen out unsuitable candidates and deliver a seamless platform for collaborative feedback – all whilst providing an engaging candidate experience.

Identify the closest matching candidates quickly

Create an unlimited number of perfectly formed application forms and timed assessments with our flexible form builders – helping you to source the best talent efficiently and quickly.

Jobtrain is also fully integrated with a huge array of different testing providers to support your online testing needs, making sure every necessary detail is recorded and held securely in one place.

We have lots of solutions to help you review, score and screen your candidates – please follow the links below for more on how Jobtrain can help.

Shortlisting Made Easy With Drag and Drop

When you’re ready to shortlist candidates against a job, we’ve added an alternative way to shortlist candidates. As well as the original list of candidates displayed against each job, there is an option to switch to a pipeline view that uses drag and drop functionality to move candidates along the recruitment journey.

Want to remind yourself of a candidate’s application before moving them through the recruitment journey? From the pipeline view, you can easily access an application and quickly exit back to your pipeline view to carry on shortlisting.



Killer and Scored Questions

Killer questions are really useful to save both yours and your candidates’ time. The questions can screen out unsuitable candidates at the pre-application stage to make sure you only focus on those candidates who meet the core requirements for the vacancy.

scored & killer questions

Create any number of scored and killer questions

Killer questions can simply be yes or no answers for specific requirements – or create scored questions in order of importance or multiple choice questions for a competency-based assessment. The choice is yours!

You can set up any number of these questions and save them to use with other vacancies in the future. Jobtrain’s talent acquisition technology holds a library of questions that can be accessed, edited or added to at any time.

They can be created so candidates can be automatically rejected by email if they don’t meet the minimum criteria or a pre-defined score. Those emails can be sent with a time delay too if you like.


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Flexible Application Forms

Jobtrain provides a fully flexible application form builder, which allows you to create any number of tailored application forms for different role types at no extra charge.

flexible application forms

Application form sections

Choose which application form sections you’d like to include and what each section should be called using Jobtrain’s application form builder.

Decide exactly which questions you’d like to ask and what fields of information should be captured within each section – and whether questions and fields should be mandatory for candidates.

Want specific types of fields such as Yes / No drop-down menus or multiple choice? No problem. Jobtrain allows you to create custom fields wherever you need them.

Different application forms for different applicants

Choose a different application form template for external, internal and agency candidates if you like. After all, you don’t need to ask your employees where they currently work.

Two-stage application process

Jobtrain also includes a two-stage application process for your candidates. A two-stage application process allows key information to be gathered quickly from candidates in two stages, rather than completing just one lengthy application form.

This allows you to gather just the information you need at the first stage and at the same time greatly improve the time to apply and the overall experience for your candidates.

“We increased candidate satisfaction to 100% using a two-stage application process”

Read The Isle of Man Government’s success story

Candidates can upload multiple documents with their application too

Give candidates the ability to upload a separate CV and cover letter with their application as standard with Jobtrain. And for a small fee, allow candidates to upload multiple documents like education certificates, portfolio work – whatever it is that you deem as valuable information to capture.

Hiring Manager Review and Feedback Online

hiring managers feedback & review ATS app

Tailored access for Hiring Managers

Within Jobtrain is a really flexible user profile builder, which allows you decide the features, functionality and information your hiring managers should have access to – delivering a tailored user view for them, which is easy to use.

You may want your hiring managers to create and initiate vacancy authorisation requests; to review long-lists of candidates you make available to them; to add scores and comments and even submit offer approvals. All of this can be done by hiring managers in Jobtrain.

Some of our clients’ hiring managers take complete ownership of the management of their recruitment. Some prefer more restricted access and even blind shortlisting with candidates’ names removed from shortlists. All of this can be accommodated by Jobtrain.

Jobtrain Mobile

Jobtrain Mobile is available on any smartphone (Android, Apple or Microsoft), this is smart technology at its most accessible. Many hiring managers do not sit by a PC and may find logging into recruitment systems a barrier to doing their job.

From here they can review and progress on their own jobs, shortlist or reject candidates, or maybe just check their interviews – Jobtrain Mobile allows managers to fully engage with the process and not be left in the dark.

Included training and support

When it comes to training, we have a variety of options available and we will discuss and agree on what suits you best. We have online training videos for example, which have proven to be very effective.

Just like HR, recruiters and candidates – all hiring managers have access to our comprehensive phone and email support and online help guides too.

Jobtrain Applicant software

Integrated with 3rd party testing

Online psychometric and ability testing tools are a very effective way of measuring applicants, identifying the strongest candidates and also screening out those that aren’t going to be a fit for your roles.

integrated 3rd party Testing-logos - new SHL logo

Our talent acquisition platform is seamlessly integrated with 3rd party testing tools and has been for many years.

Candidates can be invited to take 3rd party tests directly from within Jobtrain. Candidates are invited to log in to their personal candidate profile via your branded candidate portal. From there, they click on a link to take the test with no requirement for them to enter another username and password. The candidate is taken seamlessly to the testing provider’s website to complete their test – the results are posted directly back into their profile on the client-side view in Jobtrain. In some cases, we can even automatically send regret emails (which can be delayed) to those candidates who don’t achieve a benchmark score.

Although we already have integrations with major providers such as SHL, Kenexa, Cut-e, The Test Factory, Thomas International and many more, we are happy to integrate with your preferred provider, providing they have the ability to link in with recruitment platforms like Jobtrain. Our talented technical team will look after everything for you.

It’s simple, seamless and really effective!

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