Search and Match on an iPad

Search and Match candidates against your jobs

Search and Match transforms the way you find, identify and hire talent not just in your Jobtrain but across LinkedIn and Job Boards too. It has the potential to deliver big savings on time to hire and on advertising and agency use and spend.

You can even match candidates against jobs as they’re created

With Search and Match, it will match candidates to your jobs as you create them using the job details and advert copy against your database and smart search technology which uses meanings rather than just traditional keywords.

It will then display a list of all candidates that best match your job. You can also run the same search from within Jobtrain candidate management system across LinkedIn and even job board databases (if you have an agreement with them) to identify candidates.

All this can be done before you even consider paying for advertising or using an agency.

It really is powerful and accurate stuff!

Watch the Smart Search and Video intro video below