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Fully Searchable Candidate Database

A comprehensive, yet simple, search facility comes as standard in Jobtrain. Search and find candidates and their information quickly and simply.

Access the Best Talent Quickly Using Talent Pools

We’ve all been there. You’re racking your brain desperately trying to remember the name of the fantastic HR consultant you spoke to 3 months ago. Jobtrain has the answer in the form of talent pools – created to ease your pain.

Automatically Match Candidates With Intelligent Search and Match

Just imagine if your applicant tracking system could track down and automatically find talented and relevant candidates to approach for your jobs, even before the job has been advertised? Imagine no more – welcome to Jobtrain’s Smart Search and Match!

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Fully Searchable Candidate Database


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Locating candidate information quickly and simply

Each Jobtrain recruitment solution has the facility to search and find candidates and their applications very easily. Our recruitment features provide comprehensive search functionality that is straightforward for anyone with experience of using websites and the internet.

We include a variety of ways to search for and find the best talent – whether you’re looking to find a specific candidate by name, find groups of candidates within 10 miles of your head office, run a keyword search or simply save a search to run another time – you can get it all completed in Jobtrain.

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Talent Pools

Ever found yourself desperately trying to remember the name of the fantastic marketing consultant you spoke to 5 months ago? Jobtrain’s Talent Pools have the answer to ease your pain.

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Talent Pools to store and find great candidates

Jobtrain’s talent acquisition platform includes functionality to create as many talent pools as you need, to help find and keep track of key talent.

When strong candidates are found that might be suitable for a role in the future, they can be simply added to the relevant talent pool ready to be contacted when the time is right. You can also give candidates a star rating to jog your memory when you revisit them.

Talent pools are a great way to keep in touch with candidates and it’s easy to do this using our email and text messaging features.

How and applicant tracking system works

Smart Search and Match automatically finds talented and relevant people to approach for your jobs even before you’ve advertised.

Search and Match candidates to your jobs

Search and Match transforms the way you find, identify and hire talent – not just in Jobtrain but across LinkedIn too. It has the potential to deliver big savings on time to hire and on advertising and agency use and spend.

“We would have instantly saved £5,000 if we had used Jobtrain’s Smart Technology”


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Match candidates against jobs as they are created

Search and Match will match candidates to jobs as they are created by using the job details and advert copy against your database – the smart search technology uses meanings rather than just traditional keywords to intelligently source talent.

Smart Search and Match then displays a list of candidates with the best match to your job. From within Jobtrain, the same search can also be run across LinkedIn to identify candidates. You can do all this before even considering paying for advertising or using an agency.

It is really powerful and accurate stuff!

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