Business Intelligence and Report Builder tool on an iPadBusiness Intelligence and report building for management information gurus

For the management information guru in you, we have an unbelievably powerful, flexible and intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) and report builder platform.

The BI feature lets you create and run reports on almost any field of data in Jobtrain and in any format too. The platform comes with some of our standard dashboard metrics and we can set some other reports up to get you started. As with everything in Jobtrain, we’ll train you fully so you can get the most out of it.

After that, you can amend existing reports and dashboards or create your own – you choose!

  • Configure the layout and orientation of reports in almost any format and use a wide variety of tools such as drill-down, drill-through for complex data analysis
  • Choose from an extensive menu of graphical and table options
  • Schedule reporting to be automatically emailed (or exported) in a wide variety of formats (CSV, Doc, PDF, XLS, Text)

Watch our BI feature intro video below