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Post and advertise to your main careers website

When you’ve finished creating your vacancy in Jobtrain, it’s simple to post and advertise jobs on your careers website. Simply select and make the vacancy live for candidates to view and voilà, it will display and advertise on your careers website.

Internal jobs portal – advertise jobs to your own employees

Advertising jobs to your own employees is equally as straightforward.

The Jobtrain ATS includes the option to add a separate jobs portal in your recruitment solution that is dedicated just to your internal vacancies – and your own employees. You will only receive applications from internal employees and the vacancy can even be advertised internally first before it’s posted and advertised to your external sites. Internal employees can even register and sign up for job alerts too.

Social media advertising

Spread the word socially! All from within Jobtrain, advertise and post jobs to your organisation’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in just a single click.