Email and text messaging available in Jobtrain


Our solution enables you to create any number of standard email templates with merged fields to personalise them and a full text editor, so that you can choose your fonts and styles to ensure your communication is engaging, personalised and on brand too.

Email within Jobtrain online recruitment software allows you to set automated emails throughout the process too. Acknowledgement emails, interview confirmation and cancellations, onboarding and even reference checking can all be generated and personalised from Jobtrain.

Of course you can send ad-hoc emails too and not just to candidates individually but en-masse as well.

Jobtrain will even search, find and send personalised job alerts to your candidates that have signed up for them!

Text Messaging

Much like Email, you can create templates and message candidates en-masse from jobs, talent pools and search results or ad-hoc. What’s more, our text messaging platform supports 2-way messaging – candidates can reply to your text messages and the replies are saved against the candidates’ history timeline but also displayed as a handy notification on your homepage too.