More than one-third of candidates (34%) say more communication during the hiring process would improve their candidate experience (Career Builder).

Interviewing and communication

As the statistic above clearly demonstrates, clear and regular communication is key throughout the recruitment process to keep candidates informed – as well as hiring managers and recruitment agencies. Using our easy to use email and two-way text (SMS) messaging tools, Jobtrain makes sure everyone stays informed each step of the way.

Self-Service Calendar and Video Interviewing

Two of the key interviewing features Jobtrain offers is our self-service interview booking calendar and video interviewing.

Jobtrain’s self-service calendar saves clients an endless amount of time on administration and gives some control to candidates to book their own interview online.

Equally, the time and expense saved using video interviewing can be huge. Candidates can record their interview responses to set questions in their own time – perfect for an informal initial, first interview.

Simply follow the links below to see how Jobtrain can support your communication requirements and makes interviewing and arranging them a whole lot easier. 


Automated Notification Emails

Notification alerts for both you and your candidates

Our automated notifications feature sends automatic prompts to hiring managers, recruiters, job and offer approvers and even candidates. These notifications can be sent to either individuals or groups of users.

Where Automated Notifications are used

There are a number of ways notifications can be used, including prompts to candidates with incomplete applications and reminders to hiring managers to view their applications after a job’s closing date.

Get in Touch

Email and Text Messaging

Jobtrain offers a really flexible email feature, to help ensure everyone involved in your recruiting is kept informed. We know that keeping in touch with stakeholders in the recruitment process can be one of the most time-consuming elements of recruitment, so we’ve created a set of tools to make it really easy.

There’s also a fully integrated text messaging feature as well. It’s a great way to contact candidates quickly, directly and discreetly.

Email and text messaging available in Jobtrain


Jobtrain gives you the ability to create any number of email templates that can include merge fields to help personalise them as well as a full text editor to choose your fonts and styles to ensure your communication is engaging, personalised and on brand too. 

Set-up and send automated emails throughout the hiring process too. Acknowledgement emails, interview confirmation and cancellations, onboarding and even reference checking can all be generated and personalised from Jobtrain.

Ad-hoc emails can, of course, be sent too – and not just to individual candidates but en-masse as well.

Jobtrain will even search and send personalised job alerts to your candidates that have signed up for them!

Text/SMS Messaging

With 97.5% of all SMS messages being read within seconds, text messaging certainly blows email deliverability out of the water!

Much like our email feature, you can create templates and message candidates en-masse from jobs, talent pools and search results or ad-hoc. What’s more, our text messaging platform supports 2-way messaging – candidates can reply to text messages and the replies are saved against the candidates’ history timeline.

Jobtrain Applicant Tracking System

Self-Service Interview Booking

We know that arranging interviews can be really time consuming, especially when you need to book large numbers of candidates into assessment centres. We’ve taken the hassle out of setting up interviews for everyone – candidates, hiring managers and of course HR and recruitment too.

Arranging interviews is very easy with Jobtrain, using quick links directly from your list of candidates against your vacancies.

Create interview slots for candidates to choose from

You can invite your candidates to select their preferred interview dates and times from a range of slots that are made available to them online through their candidate portal. You choose and set-up all the times and dates, select the candidates you’d like to invite and they receive an automated and personalised email inviting them to login into their personal profile to select their preferred date and time on a first come first served basis.

What’s more, when a candidate confirms their interview, an email and calendar confirmation is sent to the interviewer as well. Candidates can also cancel and select another slot and Jobtrain will automatically send out cancellations and confirmations.


What is Video Interviewing?

Interview candidates without moving away from your computer – all through the power of video interviewing.

Video interviewing enables recruiters to invite candidates to complete a recorded video interview. It’s a brilliant way of assessing candidates face to face (albeit virtually), saves a huge amount of time and money and removes the barriers when recruiting internationally and across time zones. Candidates are given the freedom to complete the video interview at a time to suit them, removing any admin heavy tasks like booking time in busy diaries for traditional face-to-face interviews.

“Video interviews can reduce time to hire by up to 50%”

Video interviewing has huge benefits for organisations – from improved time to hire, making screening fairer for all, to removing any bias (such as location).

All applicants can answer the same pre-recorded questions ensuring recruiters can easily and fairly compare and score interviews. Collaboration is made simple too; when each candidate has completed a video interview, they’re immediately available to view by your team.

Video interviewing is fully integrated with your recruitment processes, allowing you to automate a huge number of tasks to save time and ultimately speed up the process for candidates. Candidates can be scored and assessed in just a click of a button – other recruiters or hiring managers can be invited to assess them too.

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