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With final interviews complete, you’ve now found your perfect candidate and bringing them onboard quickly is a top priority.

This is where Jobtrain comes in with our myriad of tools.

Offer approval process

Jobtrain cuts out the need to chase key stakeholders to approve an offer. We do all the hard work for you by packaging up all the necessary information to be sent to key stakeholders and approvers.

Instant responses with online onboarding features

Our talent acquisition platform is designed to take the pain out of the necessary (but traditionally lengthy) onboarding processes and pre-employment checks.

Take up references and onboard your candidates – all through an online process

With Green Room Onboarding, you can rest easy that new hires will be raring to go ahead of their first day. Bringing your perfect candidate onboard quickly has never been easier.

We appreciate that an applicant tracking system is just one cog in the recruitment and onboarding process wheel, so once you’ve hired your perfect candidate, you can also transfer new starter details direct to your HR system – all from within Jobtrain. We’re already integrated with most of the major HR software systems and we’re always adding more.

For more information, simply follow the links below to learn how Jobtrain supports your hiring processes.

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Offer Authorisation

For those organisations that want a final check on offers before they are made, Jobtrain’s offer authorisation functionality delivers speed and compliance.

Offer authorisation within JobtrainA feature that closely mirrors our vacancy authorisation function, offer authorisation is great for organisations who need to add in an extra step to check on offers before they are made. We deliver this with speed and compliance.

With the best talent increasingly difficult to source, we know that once you’ve found your perfect candidate time is of the essence to start the offer process.

How offer authorisation works in Jobtrain

In Jobtrain, the proposed offer details are nicely packaged up and sent via email to each required approver.

Approvers give their response by clicking the ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ links within the email – they can also access and approve offers via their smartphone too with no need to login to Jobtrain.

Jobtrain Applicant Tracking System

Referencing Online

Obtaining references is a vital stage of the recruitment process but it’s often a painfully slow one. Jobtrain’s online referencing feature makes it easier for all.

Reference form ipad

Reference checking is key but finding the referees’ details and typing the emails and letters alongside the probable chasing can be frustratingly time-consuming. Jobtrain’s online referencing feature cuts all this out.

Reference requests are generated directly from Jobtrain. Using templates and the referees’ details provided by the candidate at the application stage, requests can be sent in just a few clicks.

But what about the chasing and checking to see if a reference has come back?

We’ve got that covered too within our online onboarding feature.

Reference requests are generated from Jobtrain with referees completing an online form. When the form is complete and received back, Jobtrain will mark it as returned in the onboarding dashboard.

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Pre-employment Checking

Whether you simply want to keep an eye on which checks have taken place or need to initiate more formal checks (like DBS or credit checks), Jobtrain provides solutions for you.

Pre-employment lists

Included in Jobtrain is a fully customised pre-employment checklist and the ability to create a reminder and a record of all the pre-employment checks that should be completed before your new hire joins your company.

Formal checks

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For more detailed checks carried out by third parties such as DBS, credit checks, qualifications etc, Jobtrain can seamlessly integrate with third-party identity data specialists such as GB Group – saving time on form filling and having to work outside of Jobtrain.

Integrating with a specialist DBS checking provider to carry out checks online offers a much more streamlined experience for our clients.

Jobtrain Applicant Tracking System

Self-Service Online Onboarding

Offer letters, contracts, handbooks, policies and personal details forms all have to be generated, completed and checked and it’s a massive drain on time and also delays hiring. There’s a better way though with Jobtrain.

About Jobtrain’s online onboarding feature

Jobtrain’s online onboarding feature enables you to generate contracts, documents and forms (including reference checks) for each role in just a few clicks. It is made available to the new candidate hire to complete online via their secure candidate portal. Everything is tracked in real time, can be followed-up on and completed in a fraction of the time of printing and posting documentation.

Online Onboarding with Jobtrain

How online onboarding works

We set-up all your different contracts and variations in Jobtrain, along with all the various onboarding documentation to be completed and create different sets of documentation for each role type. Yes, we really do the set-up work for you.

Once it’s all set-up, when you come to make a new hire, you select the candidate you want to onboard, enter in the offer details in their new starter form and choose which role they are being hired for. Jobtrain then generates all the documentation online and makes it available to the new hire. A tailored email is automatically sent to the candidate to ask them to login to their profile.

After logging in, the candidate sees the details in an onboarding menu option on their candidate homepage. Here they can view documents, print, accept and also decline their documents. If a candidate declines a document, they are asked to provide reasons why.

All the activity for every hire is clearly displayed on your onboarding dashboard, so you can see exactly where each candidate is up to in real-time.

Hiring really can be that straightforward!

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Integration with HR Software

Jobtrain is all about taking the administration out of hiring. We can have Jobtrain talk to your HR system nicely to export new hire information and save double keying.

Most HR software systems have some kind of facility to accept information from another system. If the HR system you have in place can do this (and even if it can’t but you have a great IT team) we will work with you to produce new hire information from Jobtrain. This can be uploaded or sent to your HR system to create new hires, without any of the admin.

Our integration expertise

We have many years experience of integrating Jobtrain with other systems (in more than one language too) and we’re always happy to explore and deliver solutions for new clients.

Just a selection of some of the HR systems we’re already integrating with:

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