To implement our applicant tracking system, you don’t need to be technical at all, so don’t worry. In fact, because we look after all the technology side of the ATS, we rarely need to call your colleagues in IT at all.

The implementation process is tried and tested and as about 85% of the solution set-up is configuration (rather than development) we can deliver most implementations in just 6-8 weeks.

The implementation process in a nutshell

1. Scoping

After we have your Jobtrain licence agreed, we will arrange a scoping meeting with you. Typically held onsite at your offices, you’ll meet your assigned Jobtrain Implementation Manager and also your Client Success Manager. This session involves mapping out all your recruitment processes and discussing and agreeing how Jobtrain should be configured for you and your candidates.

We’ll agree on timescales and provide you with a really clear project plan. This will include what we need from you and by when, and what we will deliver to you and when you can expect it.

Trello implementation workbook

2. Workbook

We’ll leave you with a really easy to follow workbook to complete, which captures all the information we need to configure and set-up the Jobtrain ATS for you. Don’t worry, we are on hand to answer any questions, offer guidance, advice and provide examples of best practice too where you need it.

3. Build

When we’ve received all the information we need, your Implementation Manager will configure your solution (about 85% of setting up Jobtrain is configuration, not development). This includes coordinating with our technical team to ensure your branded candidates’ pages are created and any integrations are set-up (such as Jobtrain talking to your online testing provider or HR system).

4. Testing

We test every solution thoroughly and we will work with you so you can review our set-up work and test it for yourselves. We’ll make any tweaks and changes necessary before we move on to training.

5. Training

This is the final stage of the set-up process and we’ll typically come back onsite with you to conduct training for the HR and recruitment teams. The training session is lead by your Client Success Manager, who is highly experienced in training Jobtrain users. We have a number of other training approaches too for remote staff or for hiring managers as well and we’ll discuss the best approach for your organisation early on.

6. Go Live!

We’re there! The final stage of implementation is making your Jobtrain solution live to candidates. You’ll be able to benefit from cost savings, time saved on the massive reduction on admin and spending more time on recruitment – you might even be able to reclaim your lost lunch hours too!

We hope this quick run through has helped explain the process we follow and given you confidence that it’s not complicated. Jobtrain can be delivered quickly and you’ll be supported every step of the way.

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