Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police

Example of the Merseyside Police vacancy search facility for candidates

Who is Merseyside Police?

With 6,500 members and 6,000 applications made in 2014, Merseyside Police needed a solution to manage a high volume of applications in an efficient and professional manner, whilst also creating a winning candidate experience.

How did Merseyside Police choose Jobtrain over other providers?

Jobtrain was chosen by Merseyside Police as their preferred applicant tracking system provider following a competitive and thorough tender process. We were delighted and following screening, we were delighted when Merseyside Police went live with Jobtrain in summer 2016!

Post-Implementation - I have been particularly surprised by the receptiveness of the team to new ideas and developments for the system. Jobtrain are willing to consider the wider benefit of any suggestions made on all clients and will proactively engage to continually develop and improve functionality and user experience of the system - hopefully this continues as the company inevitably grows in the future.