More than an ATS

Choosing Jobtrain is more than selecting a system – it’s choosing a genuine partner who really knows and understands your resourcing challenges.
Working with us also allows you to join a vibrant, lively community of Jobtrain clients that share ideas, experiences and a healthy bit of learning and banter!

Client Success is our success

Of course, what “success” looks like is 100% unique to every customer. That’s why you’ll be introduced to a personal Client Success Manager who’ll understand your business in detail so we can recommend use of the platform which will work best for you.

They’re supported by a bunch of other team members who work away in the background – monitoring the use of your system, checking it’s working efficiently for your team and answering any questions that come up along the way.

We’re listening to our customers all the time

Busy building new features to respond to the challenges you face when you’re managing ever changing recruitment needs. We deploy new features all the time but each and every one will be carefully released so you know exactly what’s changing, how it will improve your usage and with lots of guidance.

And we’re human. We want to get to know you, your team and the things that make you tick. So we’ll talk as often as you’d like, meet when you’re able; and invite you to insight sessions to share expertise. In short – we measure our success through your success. It’s as simple as that…


Jobtrain has been carefully built to integrate with the very best HR Technologies and help you develop a best in class recruitment process. This includes many partners in areas such as:

  • DBS checking
  • Video assessment
  • Psychometric testing
  • Job Board multi-posting

Whilst many ATS platforms will have a marketplace of different integrated services, the functionality available to you can sometimes be limited or the process clunky. Worst still, you could be expected to do the complex thinking about how it needs to work for you.

  • We choose our partners carefully
  • We test their technology platforms rigorously
  • We map the integration process in detail. And work closely with them to expose the subtle parts of their platform which are often missed – yet are likely to be the parts that will help you most.
  • We’re selecting tech partners all the time – helping to evolve the Jobtrain engine and deliver to you exactly the functionality you need.

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance is not a nice to have – it’s a must have.

Our infrastructure is built specifically to ensure there is zero server downtime, your data is held securely and will always meet the current regulations. We have a mass of ‘techy’ stuff we can share, but the key to security is making sure that all users of Jobtrain can use the system with the knowledge that they are safe.

This includes allowing clients to upload documents directly into the system. It allows candidates to upload CVs and other documents – with the client knowing that they won’t infect your own system infrastructure. We also ensure we are on top of demands that are asked of us and that we plan for these events with our clients in mind – sharing information and presenting them with solutions, not just the problem.

Knowledge Community

When client companies start working with Jobtrain, they get far more than just a system. Apart from the outstanding support they receive from everyone across the Jobtrain business, they also join what we can only describe as our ‘community’. This isn’t a glib term to show that we speak to the outside world occasionally – this is intended to describe how all of our clients feel about working with us and how we seek to engender that relationship.

This is why we have LinkedIn Groups; why we host webinars on hot topics that people want to hear and learn about; why we get invited to run showcase events at the CIPD exhibitions – and, perhaps above all, why our client workshops are so warmly received.