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Online testing can include many formats including Psychometric, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning and Situational Judgement and can be used at any stage of the recruitment process.

As a candidate management system, Jobtrain has integrated with many different testing providers including SHL, cut-e and Thomas International to name a few.

So why integrate online testing solutions?

Well, there are two main benefits – those for the candidate and those benefits realised by clients.

For candidates, a direct integration allows candidates to take a test from within Jobtrain; the candidate can then login to their profile to complete the test and finally for the test results to be automatically fed back into the candidate’s record.

Candidate detail online testingFor the client, as with most online recruitment systems, the aim is to improve the candidate experience whilst driving out cost. By integrating with the test provider, the administration time saved is enormous and it allows you to review the scores quickly and easily alongside the application form – all in one system.

Depending on the type of test completed, Jobtrain can also offer various options in relation to test results including colour coding (typically red, amber and green based on the score against an agreed pass mark), percentile or a direct link to a written report. These visual checks make the process very simple and easy on the eye!

Online tests colour coded

If you have any questions relating to online testing and how this can work for your organisation then please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager directly.

Or if you’d like to chat to someone about how Jobtrain’s applicant tracking system can help your organisation, then please drop us a line or give us a call.

By Laura Chambers