Example St Austell Brewery candidate emails

Example of St Austell Brewery candidate emails


Apart from brewing beer, what else does St. Austell Brewery do?

As well as brewing their own beer, St Austell Brewery is also the South West’s leading wholesale supplier to the licensed hospitality sector, delivering beers, lagers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks to nearly 5,000 bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs in South West England. To do all this, the brewery also employs a team of over 1,000 full and part time employees.

The St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust was established in 2003 to provide a focus for the company’s charitable activities. Since then the Trust has raised more than £400,000!

High volume recruitment

St Austell Brewery is quite unique in that high volume recruitment happens in just the months of June, July and August. One of the busiest days came in August 2015 where they recruited 59 staff in just one day!

St Austell Brewery went live with the Jobtrain’s applicant tracking software in 2015.

"We are very happy with our working relationship with Jobtrain to date. The Jobtrain staff are always accessible and helpful and willing to look at ways to improve the Jobtrain experience to suit our needs."