Example job listings page for Plymouth Community Homes

Example job listings page for Plymouth Community Homes


Who is Plymouth Community Homes (PCH)?

PCH owns and manages over 14,000 homes within Plymouth and houses over 30,000 people, or put it another way PCH houses almost 12% of Plymouth’s population!

Shortlisting candidates using Jobtrain

Plymouth Community Homes use Jobtrain’s online shortlisting functionality to tailor shortlisting forms to the competencies that are required of each job. This then enables PCH to record hiring managers’ comments against each candidate record.

What was PCH’s recruitment process before using Jobtrain?

PCH approached Jobtrain following a recommendation from one of Jobtrain’s other housing provider clients, with the view to moving away from a paper based, manual recruitment process. Following successful onsite scoping and implementation, PCH went live with Jobtrain’s candidate management system in 2014.

"We wanted to improve the efficiency of our recruitment processes, and enhance the candidate experience and selected Jobtrain’s solution to achieve this.

Implementation was relatively easy and has provided us with an excellent system to manage our recruitment campaigns. It is flexible, easy to use and the support we receive from the Jobtrain team has been fantastic."