Example job advert for Allied Bakeries

Example job advert for Allied Bakeries


Allied Bakeries – the baker of well known brands

Allied Bakeries employs over 5,000 employees. If you’re a lover of products such as Kingsmill, Allinson, Burgen or Sunblest then you’re in the safe hands of Allied Bakeries. The company bakes these well-known British bread brands and also supplies to selected retail partners too.

Allied Baking & Milling covers Allied Bakeries, Allied Mills and Speedibake.

How does Allied Bakeries use Jobtrain’s candidate management system?

Jobtrain’s candidate management system is used by a diverse and spread out workforce. What is particularly useful to Allied Bakeries is the job and offer approval facilities for controlling decisions and expenditure; the online user guide; and the bespoke new starter forms for their HR contracts and payroll team.

In 2014, Jobtrain provided an additional dedicated graduate portal to the existing system to support a graduate campaign led by Allied Bakeries’ parent company, Associated British Foods.

Based in Maidenhead, Allied Bakeries went live with the Jobtrain’s candidate management system in 2012.

Did you know?

Associated British Foods (Allied Bakeries’ parent company) owns the high street, fast fashion brand Primark.